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Buy a Used Lancer at new Wagon Rs Price

You have always dreamt of owning a Lancer or an Accent. But your dream vehicles are way beyond your budget range. Don't be despondent. Hope springs eternal for today's India can offer you a used Lancer or an Accent at the price of a new Wagon R or Indica. Thus if you buy a used car in India, you get the opportunity of being behind the wheels of a better car than the one you can afford to buy.

Ups and Downs

Of course, there is a catch. After all, money calls the shots. New car buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the color of the car, accessories and other options. Buyers of second hand cars in India have their hands tied and have to settle for what is available. Besides, there is always the risk of being cheated.

Despite these limitations, if you keep your eyes and ears open and arm yourself with a reliable mechanic, you could strike gold if you buy a used car handled by a good driver.

These days, the auto industry in India has progressed so much that a well-maintained car can give you service comparable to that of a brand new car. So if you are hard pressed for money, just weigh your options and buy a used car.

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