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Truckers and Traffic tickets

The American trucker gets a raw deal when it comes to traffic ticket violations. First of all the DMV jpo98int count is one and a half points instead of one point. Secondly, a trucker cannot go to traffic school . If a trucker is driving the family car and gets a ticket, he cannot attend traffic school. Thats a pretty rotten result. But, there is; A trucker is often on the road and all over this country and cannot get back to the court to fight the ticket, thats another problem for the trucker. Unlike most of the rest of us, our privilege to drive is not our livelihood. When a trucker gets too many points, his employer will not hire him to work. The insurance company will charge very high rates, making the drivers basic expenses too high to drive for a living.

I often recommend that my driver clients have me prepare a Trial by written declaration as a more cost effective way to fight the ticket. No court appearance is necessary and the distances involved do not add to the legal costs. The trial by written declaration can also be prepared by the driver, without an attorneys fees. It is true that the driver would only have factual rather than extra and powerful law defenses, however, the Trial by Declaration creates a number of ways to beat the ticket, lawyer or no lawyer. It is this writers considered legal and expert opinion that a Trial by Declaration should be filed in every traffic case where a DMV point is possible.

The Trial by Declaration also gives the driver an opportunity to present the equities, the very good reasons why the judge should give the driver a non point conviction. This is a good alternative for the court, because they get the money and a conviction and the driver avoids a DMV point against his license. The Trial by Declaration also avoids the extra legal expense by avoiding the necessity of a lawyer having to appear and fight the case in court. When the lawyer must travel a great distance, the costs of travel and accommodations is avoided.

The driver who is back on the east coast making his deliveries, can have his case competently fought for a minimal costs and by a competent traffic trial lawyer who knows the law defenses in the case and that lawyer can make special appeals for a non point conviction if necessary.

You dont lose your right to a court trial if you lose the Trial by Declaration! You have a right to request a court trial. You can appear in court or have a competent traffic lawyer appear and fight the case for you, if necessary. The officer may fail to appear and you win! You can even hire a lawyer who is very competent to fight the ticket and he can take the dismissal if you cannot get to the trial. Just have a lawyer there for you and the cost should be minimal.

Fighting a ticket always creates opportunities for good things to happen! It"s so much better than just paying the ticket and watching your insurance rates go up and having the DMV point(s) against your driving record. Your driving record can affect your job, insurance or have other negative effects on your life situation. Fight that ticket.

About The Author Stanley Alari (Stan) has been a criminal defense trial lawyer for many years (32+) and now specializes in Traffic Court and DMV matters. Stanley Alari will fight any traffic ticket in anywhere in California with a POWERFUL Trial by Declaration or Full Press Court Trial . IN ONE DAY He CAN STOP A DMV SUSPENSION !
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