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New and Used All Types of Trucks and Trailers on Sale Online

Searching for a Semi Truck or a Heavy Truck can be difficult. For many years truckers have been obligated to search dealer by dealer hoping that their dream tractor-trailer would be in one of the dealers they would walk into. However, since the rise of the Internet truckers and companies have been increasingly aware of the efficiency of searching for trucks online. At American Truck Buyer our goal is to do just that. We want to make Searching for a truck fun and easy. Avoiding the sales pitch drivers can now use filters to find the perfect truck throughout the country in just a couple of minutes.

With so many Companies taking advantage of building their own truck search engines/databases one might ask how it is that we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Well in one example our business is Truckers not trucks. Let me explain. While many companies out there are focusing on only making profits as a result of advertising trucks on the Internet, we are going the extra mile to not only focus on what produces revenues but on what a trucker really needs, which is certainly more than just having a truck. We have successfully built a web site where people can find great trucks, and also find insurance quotes, financing, dot inspection, transportation etc.... We also built other divisions that serve not only the people looking for a truck, but for existing drivers who are in love with their truck but need parts or services to tune up their baby. A full service web site for truckers is our vision. We want truckers to enter our site knowing that they won't have to go anywhere else to find the equipment or service they need to get them back on the road.

Our parts and service page is effective in finding specific parts that a driver needs to repair or tune-up their truck. Saving the time of having to drive around town in search for a part nobody may carry. Our free service shoots out hundreds of emails to companies offering that part throughout a designated area. Within a couple of hours the driver can expect to receive several calls with shops offering their part along with a competitive price. This is the way we are innovating the trucking industry and making a full service web site for the truck driver. When people think of trucking we want them to think American Truck Buyer!

About The Author About the Author : Bruno Raschio is the owner of American Truck Buyer. Online advertising for truck dealers is what done effectively and efficiently and is in the business of advertising dealers who are interested in expanding their trucking empire. With much more activity than can be seen on the surface A.T.B. is more than just advertising. To find out how American Truck Buyer Corporation can help your dealer increase sales and expand opportunities for your business visit the link :
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