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Lojack Provides Tips on How to Protect Vehicle From Thieves

How many meals did you have to skip? How many movies were you not able to see? How many cigarettes did you sacrifice? How many jackets and clothes did you window shopped? How many hours did you spend sweating?

Just how much did you really sacrifice so that you would be able to buy that vehicle you love?

Come to think of it, you sure did give up quite a lot of things you would wanted to have. But you decided that saving your money for something far better would be worth the wait and the sacrifice. Now, you just found out that your vehicle has just been stolen.

Well, if that happens, then you would be one of the statistics in the various studies done by different groups on vehicle thefts. One disclosed that the number of vehicle thefts in Michigan has gone slightly up. Another study from Allstate Insurance had disclosed that the numbers also have gone in Texas, reported The Auto Channel. If that would not be a cause for worry, then we all should wonder what could.

The Auto Channel continued to disclose that the statistics from 2006 went up by 11% for 2007. And as a way to give back to consumers, LoJack has decided to give consumers tips on how to make sure that their vehicle would be well protected from thieves. The company's vice president for law enforcement, Patrick Clancy, shared, "With this type of targeted vehicle theft, consumers need to do everything possible to ensure their trucks and SUVs do not become the next 'easy target.' At LoJack, we recommend that vehicle owners take a layered approach to vehicle theft protection." Clancy had worked as a police sergeant during his early years.

To protect your vehicle, LoJack says that one should put their common sense to use. This means that vehicle owners should be aware of how they leave their vehicles. Make sure that all doors are locked and the windows closed. Keys should not be left in the car and parking should be made some place that is lighted. These should help keep thieves away from your KC Hilite daylighter fog light kit and the rest of your vehicle.

Another tip that LoJack offers is to equip your vehicle with products that would deter thieves from targeting your vehicle. If you have a car alarm or a wheel lock installed, the chances of thieves going after your vehicle are slim. In any cases though that your vehicle gets stolen, it would be best if you had a tracking or recovery system installed so that the location of the vehicle would be easier to find.

About The Author Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
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