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Isuzu Trucks. Good Oneowners In The Small To Medium Size Market

Isuzu trucks have been running up and down the highways of Australia for many years and have long had a reputation for being reliable workhorses. Today, there is a wide range of models available that are suitable for both driving around town or over longer distances up and down the highway.

The N Series offers a variety of models ranging from the NKR 200 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel through to the NQR 450 available in both medium and long wheelbase. The NQR 450 is powered by a 4-cylinder 16 valve SOHC direct injection turbocharged diesel engine pushing out 129kw of power at 2,600rpm. The transmission is a 6 speed manual synchromesh gearbox. The front axle has 3,100kg load capacity while the rear axle has 6,600kg load capacity. For the driver's comfort, the cabin includes:
·tilt and telescopic adjustable steering column connecting a soft feel urethane steering wheel
·electric windows
·central locking
·two cup holders
·storage trays in the centre console
·air conditioning, heater and demister, and
·radio and CD player with digital anti-skip memory and optional CD stacker.

For those long days in the driver's seat, the wide contoured driver's bucket seat provides lumbar support and reclining adjustment. There's also a bench seat that will seat two offsiders relatively comfortably.

For much larger loads there is the F Series range. The FVR 950 has a 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, 24 valve, SOHC, direct injection diesel engine that puts out 191kw at 2,500rpm. This is coupled to an Eaton Fuller 6 speed manual gearbox. The load capacity is 6,000kg for the front axle and 9,000kg for the rear axle. Inside the cabin, you'll find much the same appointments as in the NQR 450 but you'll get an Isringhausen full suspension seat for added comfort.

Isuzu make a wide range of trucks in the smaller to medium sized market. While most are medium and long wheelbase rigid models, there are also models catering to those who need a prime mover.

When buying any used truck, including an Isuzu, you need to be careful about the treatment it has received, so you'll want to check everything out thoroughly. Make sure that there have been regular services. It might be a good idea to find one that has been driven by an owner driver/oneowner as they are more likely to have treated the truck properly out on the road and looked after it in the shed as apposed to a truck that may have been driven by a number of different drivers.

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