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A Guide to Lifting Your Trucks Suspension

The decision to lift your truck is a big one. A stock vehicle has a lot of things going for it not the least of which is the warranty which may be void after modifications. However, many still choose to alter their vehicles for increased power, performance and aesthetic considerations. Those who chose to add a lift kit have their own reasons. Some like the increased clearance- which allows easier driving in tough terrain. But I suspect most who lift their trucks do so for the tough look which comes from riding on larger tires on at a height which allows the driver to look down¯ on the rest of the world.    One major consideration is how high to lift the truck. There are many schools of thought on this and even legal issues to consider. Some stated have strict rules about heights and the placement of lights on a vehicle. Anyways, the most common lifts are between 2¯ and 8¯, although higher is definitely possible. Installation is often given over to a pro to complete to ensure that the vehicle comes through the process unscathed. If the truck owner wishes to do it himself, he can jack up the truck and complete the installĆ¢ā‚¬ā€¯often without serious welding or drilling necessary. This process might take a day or more however. I still remember when I put a lift on my Ford f-150. I didnt know what I was doing and I caused some damage to certain suspension components. After that experience, I took the truck to an expert mechanic who completed the job in under 6 hours. I really learned my lesson after that experience and sought to learn more about the process before attempting to lift my second truck. This truck is red Ford f-250 and I use it on a daily basis, so the last thing I wish to do is destroy its suspension. Those who are looking to do the same should keep several things in mind, the first of which is the type of lift kit to be installed on the vehicle.    There are various types of lift kits. A body lift for example, uses the factory suspension, but lifts the body only. A suspension lift kit on the other hand changes the actual suspension parts. This latter type tends to be more expensive as the shocks and leaf springs are replaced. Choosing the right manufacturer is essential and although price needs to be taken into account, it must be remembered that quality and price are interrelated: by paying a little more now, you may be able to save yourself a major headache down the road should your trucks components wear out and cause serious or even irreplaceable damage.     Leaf springs are an important consideration as well. These are often sold separately and give some much needed extra room for when a truck owner wishes to use larger tires. Leaf springs and other similar components are often sold separately from lift kits and can thus be purchased and bolted on to factory mounting positions. It is very important to choose springs that are made from high quality steel and to even check for the lifetime warranties that come standard with many packs. Special shocks may need to be purchased to ensure the best possible ride for a lifted vehicle. Shocks that will dampen correctly are also essential for the smoothest possible ride.
About The Author Rancho Shocks are a great choice to consider, and leaf springs should be thought about whenever shopping for suspension lift kits.
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