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RVing For Senior Citizens

Many times my wife said to me, "I wish I could just run away, and run, and run !" I told her,"Where would you run to?" "We just can't pick up and run just like that !"

We've been stay at homes for the last seven years. Throughout that time, we've never investigated recreational vehicles. "RVing," is something that many people dream about. Driving down the open road in a recreational vehicle with everything that we need right at our fingertips can be an unforgettable experience. Promoters of RVs say that this will make our vacations better, and enhance our life in extraordinary ways.

However, we are retired and in our 70s. We live on a very limited budget. Thus, if we are to consider the joys of the open road, we have to think about a used RV rather than a new one. Although owning an RV can be very freeing, allowing us the ability to have limitless adventures, an adventure with the bank is not one of them. Our first recreational vehicle is going to be a used one, Because an RV is both a home as well as a vehicle, we must do our research. Used RVs, in great condition, are sold everyday. The key is in knowing where to find them.

Used RVs are typically sold by RV dealers. Finding a dealer that has a good reputation for selling used vehicles is not hard to do. Searching the Web under "RVs" is a good starting place. You should ask people that own an RV if they have a dealer that they can recommend to you. Let your friends know what you are looking for. Word of mouth is an excellent way to locate a dealer who will treat you right.

RV dealers will often have perfectly good used RVs on the lot that have been traded in for bigger and better models. Find out if they have one that had just a single owner before being traded in. Be sure that you walk through the RV, that has the accessories you want, and that everything is in working condition. Don't forget to test drive it as well. Your RV dealer will help you with every step, and answer any questions that you might have.

Keeping an eye on the classifieds in your local paper can help you locate dealers that have used RVs in excellent condition. You can, of course, buy from an individual, but you lose the benefits a dealer can offer, such as any available warranty. Don't forget to check the mileage, and don't be afraid to ask to take it to a mechanic that you trust to get it checked out. A reputable used RV dealer should have no problem with your request. Be sure that you ask how much oil it uses, and how many miles you can get to a gallon of gas.

Searching the internet is also a great tool for finding a dealer that offers good condition used RVs at the right price. Sometimes traveling to check out a great deal is worth the time and money that you put into it. Take your family along with you to make sure that it is a model that they all will be happy with. You will want your family to love the RV, and be comfortable on family camping trips and vacations; their input is an important part of your decision.

Accessories and extras are the most important issues in buying an RV besides the operating condition of the vehicle. The RV must be able to sleep a minimum of two persons comfortably, since it will be used on overnighters. Other living essentials will be a fridge / freezer and a microwave. There should also be a TV, a CD/DVD player, and good quality stereo speakers.

If you are going all out to have your RV serve as a home away from home, you should check out electrical and water / sewer connectors. However, if your campground operators have these utilities in a service building / restaurant, you will not need these extras.

Finding a used recreational vehicle in great condition ss not difficult to do. Be sure that you are looking in all of the above places, and you will locate the vehicle of your dreams. That next family vacation does not have to be a distant dream; make it a reality and take your family on the best vacation they can imagine in a great used RV.

About The Author Bob Carper is a veteran information systems consultant with an MBA from Pitt. For additional information go to All About Webconferencing or My Power Mall. You may also e-mail Bob at
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