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Helpful Tips For Caravan Owners

Once you have been to the caravan dealership and found your ideal caravan there are certain tips that can make your caravan holidays that more enjoyable. Studying the forecourt of the dealership can be an arduous affair, deciding on the size and type of caravan you want as well as taking into account the towing power of your car. The dealership will naturally want to sell you their best models but remember to keep the choice yours and only come away with an outfit that suits your purposes. For travellers, here is a list of helpful hints that can make your caravan trip easier.

Experienced caravaners and even advisors at the dealership will most probably advise you to make a list of the fundamentals that you will need on your trip and to laminate it. This way, before you embark on any caravan holiday you have a list that you can check against before you leave, as it is laminated, all you have to do before your next trip is to wipe it clean and start again.

Towing, as most dealership professionals will tell you is one of your most important concerns on any caravan holiday. Part of this is to ensure your wing mirror extensions are securely attached. A handy hint is to strap the extensions on diagonally as this makes them fit far more snugly.

The caravan dealership should make you acutely aware of the security issues surrounding owning a caravan. Naturally you will need to keep your outfit locked up when you are not using it but an added piece of advice is to keep the handbook and instructions with you rather than in the caravan, this way the thieves will have a harder job re-selling your caravan after they have stolen it. A helpful hint for travellers is to keep a disposable camera in your car just in case an accident occurs, this way you can take an immediate record of the accident in case there are any insurance issues.

Storing your caravan during the winter can be fraught with problems; it is hardly an option to head down to the dealership every year to buy a new one and hence maintaining your caravan is essential. One way to keep your fridge in good condition is to keep the packets of silica gel that come with new shoes. By placing these in the fridge when it is not in use, smells and mould will be kept to a minimum. Not only will this prolong the life of your fridge but also make cleaning your caravan easier. An addition to this is to ensure all of the water in your caravan is drained over the winter, the damage caused by frost and freezing can be catastrophic.

Flies are a constant gripe of the caravanner; it is often the case that after a long journey the front window of your caravan is covered with dead flies. Many will endure the constant scraping and cleaning every time you head out on a journey but there is an easier way. By fixing cling film over the front window all you will have to do on arrival is to remove the cling film and hey presto, the window will be clean. Another cleaning tip is for those who want to remove the dealership stickers, rather than scrubbing with water, applying a small amount of petrol or lighter fluid the stickers will make the stickers come off easily.

Hopefully these tips have helped the caravanner make their ownership more enjoyable. Ultimately they make life easier and should prolong the life of your outfit, after all, a caravan is a large investment and securing this investment is important. If you want years of enjoyment and brilliant holidays, these tips should help you.

About The Author Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks into ways that your choice of caravan dealership can mean extra hints and tips for your holidays.
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