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Warming Up your Car the Mazda Way

Over the years, Mazda has produced more than 100 models in certain car categories. Just two years ago, it started to produce 800,000 vehicles a year, rising above other Japanese, the European, and North American markets. Mazda has also garnered a lot of awards and recognitions through its automotive technological advancements.

It is not only technological advancements that made Mazda an authority in the industry, but the satisfaction provided to its loyal patrons. The recognitions Mazda has received are all just bonuses for the hard work. Much more than these is the quality of work and materials applied to the Mazda vehicle parts. One "living" proof of Mazda's quality work is the Mazda Thermostat.

In order to fully digest why Mazda puts such effort into thermostats, one should learn to understand its operations and functions. Cars naturally need a warming-up period before taking off and that is exactly what a Mazda Thermostat does - it controls the engine's warm-up stage. It is responsible for allowing the engine heat up quickly to reach the appropriate degree needed. At the same time, it keeps the temperature at a fixed degree. It is nestled between the engine and the radiator and remains closed during the engine warm-up. This is because the coolant should not escape the engine and circulate the radiator, not until the desired temperature is attained. However, this spring valve would begin to open once the coolant reaches 180-195 Fahrenheit, allowing the liquid to flow through the radiator to be cooled. At 200-218 Fahrenheit, the Mazda Thermostat should have opened all the way.

With the significant function that a Mazda Thermostat has to fulfill every time the engine is turned on, Mazda has made it a point that it would serve its owners for a long time. Mazda's promise then is longevity in service; that should the Mazda Thermostat fails, it would be due to old age. When that happens, replacement is the only solution. But it must be remembered with a knot on one's finger that Mazda Thermostats should be bought only from trusted aftermarket parts dealer.

About The Author Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
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