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Uk Chooses Aston Martin As Coolest Brand

The British have chosen which brand is going to be declared the coolest. And during the very exclusive event CoolLive which was held around a week ago, UK had decided that the Aston Martin brand be declared the coolest brand in the country. The event was actually held at the Gymnasium which is located in King's Cross. And the CoolLive event is a part of the initiatives of CoolBrands from the Superbrands organization. The industry believes that this Superbrands organization is actually a really important so as to recognize which brands, people, or places are the coolest in the United Kingdom.

So who chooses which brands should be recognized? Well, the answer is that it is the CoolBrands council who actually do the judging. They simply do not base the judging on which has become popular during the moment. The council actually based their judging on which brands have actually been able to successfully create the coolest reputation in a given amount of time. It was not Taylor Wires who received the recognition nor Kleen Wheels. It was Aston Martin who successfully been chosen as the brand that has become the coolest.

MTV presenter Trevor Nelson who also works as a DJ at Radio One was one of the members of the CoolBrands council. Other members include Ben de Lisi the designer and Nicki Bidder, the editor of Dazed and Confused. Their judgment also contained some additional information from YouGov. YouGov is considered to be the most accurate research agency in the United Kingdom and this organization took care of the hard work of actually asking consumers which brands they considered as "CoolBrands".

So why was Aston Martin chosen? Well, it is very inspiring to note that this brand has actually not been afraid of initiating change. And when the brand was now led by Dr. Ulrich Bez as its CEO, the brand took in a great amount of transformation. Now, the brand boasts of three leaders in each of their segments the Vanquish S, the V8 Vantage, and the DB9. Each vehicle that the brand markets are class leading and have been created to be quality vehicles.

About The Author Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.
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