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Mazda Awards Borgwarner Morse Tec

Mazda recently awarded BorgWarner Morse TEC with a Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) honors.

The honor, one of only 13 that were presented to suppliers, was awarded to the Morse TEC facility in Nabari City, Japan. BorgWarner Morse TEC received the said recognition for its communization proposal of two kinds of timing systems for the Mazda I4 engine, resulting in decreased costs and improved performance.

Alfred Weber, the President and General Manager of BorgWarner Morse TEC, said that BorgWarner's goal is to provide product leadership for their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners on a worldwide basis. He further said that they were honored by Mazda's recognition of their efforts on the VA/VE engine upgrade initiative that started four years ago. He added that the communization of the timing systems had yielded very significant decreases in the cost as well as enhanced NVH performance for the more than 1.3 million engines that the Ford and Mazda brands produce each year for the entire auto industry around the world.

Morse TEC Japan, aside from producing I4 timing systems is also Mazda's supplier of Morse HY-VO(R) transfer case chains for different truck applications.

About BorgWarner Morse TEC
BorgWarner Inc. is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan which is a product leader of top of the line components and systems for the applications of vehicle power train around the world. It is the leader company in automotive chain systems for engine timing and power transmission/torque transfer. It is also a premier supplier of oil pumps. Being such, they continually set global standards for valve timing, drive train chain and fluid pumping performance.

This 'FORTUNE 500' company manufactures and supplies technical facilities in 64 locations in 17 countries. VW/Audi, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Renault/Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, Honda, BMW, Caterpillar, Navistar International, and Peugeot are their customers.

But this company does not believe that BorgWarner Morse TEC products are their most important contribution to the success of their customers. They believe that their customer's success is dependent on the development of ever more advanced technologies to produce, manage as well as to deliver power.

A jump to the future or next generation of cam phasing is being exuded by BorgWarner Morse TEC's latest breakthrough technology in variable cam timing (VCT). Their new technologies include Cam Torq Actuated (CTA) Ò€ž’ and Torsional Assist (TA) Ò€ž’ Phasers. All these offer benefits for both overhead valve and overhead cam engines. Better fuel economy, decreased emissions as well as enhanced performance, which is greater than any conventional oil-pressure actuated devices, are offered by engines that are equipped with VCT technology.

About Mazda Motor Corporation
A Japanese automotive manufacturer that is based in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation is a well known producer of different types of vehicles and their parts. It began supplying tools in 1929 and soon branched out into production of trucks for commercial purposes.

The manufacturer's name is derived from the transcendental God of Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda. It is also believed that Mazda coincides with the anglicized pronunciation of Zoroastrianism founder's name, Jujiro Matsuda, and opted to rename it in honor of both his family and the believers of Zoroastrianism. In the Avestan language, Mazda means "wisdom". Nonetheless, because the company is from Japan, the name has always been pronounced and spelled as "Matsuda". This leads the public to believe that "Mazda" is just an anglicized version of the founder.

Maker of quality Mazda parts, the company is expected to produce 1.25 million vehicles annually as of 2006. Among Japan, Europe, North America, and Latin America, its sales will be evenly divided.

Mazda's 33.4% of controlling interest is controlled by the Ford Motor Company.

About The Author Kraig Johanssen is a native of Connecticut and holds a degree in Software Engineering. He now works at a software development firm in Alabama. His love for writing and great interest on cars makes him a proficient contributing author to various automotive magazines.
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