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Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Proud 510 "Cavallini Rampanti" (these horses are the brand name of the Italian sports car sportwagenschmiede) are strained before the sÃdlandische Kutsche F430 Scuderia. The Scuderia is, which each good sports car should be: a racing car with road permission. No more and not less. In this case even: less. At least, which concerns the weight. Owing to diatischer nutrition the ungedopte top-class sportsman brings unloaded weight to only 1,250 kilograms on the balance - remarkably little for such muscle-show off. The result can hear itself and let see: In the comparison with the Coupe F430 it abgespeckt full 200 Kilos. And 30 horses more. From 0 to 100 kilometers per hour the black horses gallop in less than four seconds. If one gives them the Sporen, they reach in full gallopp over 320 km/h.

The competition hats before-made. In the Italian homeland Lamborghini sent the Gallardo Superleggera into running around the perfect symbiosis from Leichtgewicht and lead foot. In Germany one pulled 911 GT2 tight with the Porsche, the fastest Serien-911er of all times. With the refurbished F430-Modell kitzeln Ferrari engineers 510 HP with 8500/min from the V8. Thus the weight per horsepower sinks according to manufacturer on 2,45 kg per HP. The third series of the F430 beside Coupe and Spider were also otherwise modified: The half mechanism is standard and provides for still faster course changes - within 60 milliseconds the sports car is weitergepusht owing to the semi automatic transmission as by spirit hand. In addition the traction and stability control were optimized. The Ferrari experts likewise updated engine electronics. An electronically regulated differential is on board. An old acquaintance will reveal the Italian road rocket in September on the international motor show in Frankfurt. No different one would be worthier of this action than it: Ex-Formel-1-Weltmeister Michael Schumacher.

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