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A True legend Cut Short

After 10 years of tinkering with the US market, Honda finally decided it was about time to unleash its luxury line, which would eventually rival, and even best some of the best European luxury imports. In 1986, Acura was born in the US. One of its first models is the Acura Legend. The Legend was the second car in Acura's fabled lineup - following the highly popular Acura Integra - and was marketed as their flagship luxury model worldwide regardless of the brand name.

Acura Legend was initially offered as a sedan, equipped with a 6-cylinder, 151-horsepower 2.5L engine. In 1987, the sporty new 2.7L (161-horsepower) Legend coupe was released as an answer to the growing demands in the luxury coupe market segment. Included in the list of unique Acura Legend parts fitted on the first generation Legend was a Japanese Direct Market (JDM) navigation system. Legend's second generation was marked with significant upgrades on the drive train and other Acura Legend parts. It was fitted with a 200-hp, 3.0L engine on an SOHC (single overhead cam) configuration, but had no VTEC system, unlike the sportier Integra.

Soon after, the Legend Type II was released sporting a 230-hp engine, to the delight of enthusiasts aching for more power. In addition to a greater horsepower, the coupe was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, giving the Legend a sports car feel and better acceleration. In 1994, several Acura Legend parts have gone through minor facelifts. For example, the front fascia and trunk lid were enhanced, and the sedans were attached with the Type II engine and manual transmission.

Both the Legend's sedan and coupe were replaced in 1996 - sedan with RL, and coupe with CL. Despite stopping Legend's production 10 years ago, Acura can still boast of Legends' excellent reputation on the street. Thanks to a set of highly-'tunable' Acura Legend parts, the Legend coupe has become a sought-after model. Legend's tenure in the production lines lasted only nine years, but it was instrumental in boosting Acura's stock in the luxury automotive segment.

About The Author Evander Klum is a Business Administration graduate who hails from Alabama. He enjoys extreme sports and he is also a car racing fanatic. At present, he works as a marketing manager at an advertising agency in Cleveland.
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