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Top Exotic Cars Recognized in Car Buyers Guide Special Issue

One of the auto industry's top guides for car buyers has created a special issue just so as to be able to tell and inform the motoring public about their choice for the best exotic car there is. This car buyers' guide is DuPont Registry and it has gained fame among those who belong to the higher echelons in society as the source of the best information when it comes to exotic cars and other vehicles.

Tom duPont is the publisher of this car buyers' guide and he explains, "2007 is set to be a banner year for the exotic car marketplace, and these nine new models exemplify the highest standards in power, luxury, style, and overall performance. The continuing expansion of the luxury and exotic car market is raising the consumers' need for the best during the buying process." And he does have quite a strong point there. After all, purchasing an exotic is not at all like buying your car that set of Volvo V90 parts that it needs.

The Bentley Continental GTC was named by duPont Registry as the best new convertible in town. After all, this new vehicle allows its users and its drivers to enjoy any drive with the top up or down. It is considered to be quite a beauty and a fast one at that. Imagine, it can speed from zero to sixty in just a matter of 4.8 seconds. But it also does come with a whopping $189,990 tag price.

Luxurious Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 took home the best exotic award. After all, who does not know what this vehicle is and what power this one has in store. But the best new exotic award was given to the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. This one has got the capacity to move from zero to sixty in just 3.6 seconds.

Other exotic vehicles that took home exotic car recognitions comprise of the Maybach 57 S which was given the best luxury sedan award. The BMW M5 also was recognized as the best performance sedan. The best performance coupe was designated to the Porsche 911 Turbo while the best luxury coupe was for the Aston Martin DBS. Undisputedly, the Ford Shelby GT500 got another award as the Best Bang for the Buck.

About The Author Kenneth McKinley is a 35-year old marketing specialist of, a leading Volvo parts dealer in the country today. Working in the car parts industry for a long time now and being a car enthusiast himself gives him a wealth of knowledge on anything automotive.
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