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Can You Afford Not To Buy A Used Car Instead Of A New One?

Buying a used car is an ever more appealing option as the price of new cars seems to escalate further and further. The choices out there are endless; do I want a fun car, a family car or simply a vehicle that will get from A to B? After these considerations there are the manufacturers to choose from, European, Japanese, Korean and even American. Added to this there are the makes, Audi, BMW, Honda, Toyota Peugeot and Renault are all considerations that should be carefully debated when looking for a used car. Unfortunately not all of us can afford to buy new and hence used is the only way to go.

While we all want a car for different reasons your choice of manufacturer is vitally important. AUDI, BMW and Mercedes must be consideration thanks to their exceptional quality, although in terms of price you may feel out of pocket. If you want to find a cheaper used car, a Japanese model is usually advisable; in recent years they have taken a leaf from the German book and increased their reliability. So whether looking for a sports car, a car to cart the family around or even a city car just for popping to the shops, read on.

For those looking for a bit of speed and performance a small sports car can be considered a great solution. Used prices for sports cars are usually far more affordable; three possible contenders are the Audi TT, the BMW Z4 or the Mercedes SLK. While the TT may be bested by the performance of the SLK and the sheer quality of the BMW Z4 in terms of attractiveness it certainly comes out on top. Entering the market in 1999 the car can be considered a revolution in styling that has been used by many car companies in the years since.

If a sports car may be too small to suit the needs of you and your family it may be worth considering a larger SUV or people carrier such as the Audi Q7, the Renault Espace or the Volkswagen Toureg. With seven seats, the Audi Q7 is a reasonably priced used car that can provide a travel solution for all of the family, and even the dog. The SUV market is currently jam-packed with models so the choices can be seen as endless, while the Audi Q7 may be slightly expensive compared to some of the competition, it can still be considered a worthwhile buy thanks to its luxurious feel.

As fuel prices seem to increase unabated a smaller used car may be the ideal solution, consider the Peugeot 206, the Volkswagen Golf or the Audi A3. These little run-arounds make the perfect city car and still have enough room to cater for the small family. Fuel efficiency is a major concern so if you can afford not to have the space of a large car, these smaller options are perfect way to make car travel more affordable.

Whatever your choice, buying a used car is a process that requires much research and effort. Firstly you must understand your travel needs and find a car that suits them. After this process is complete is when the real work begins. If buying used you will need to find a car that is of high quality and has had no major problems in its lifetime. Naturally a full log book is a prerequisite to purchase as without this knowledge you will not be able to determine how the car was serviced or if any major work has been undertaken. Buying used can be a minefield but with a conscientious approach it is possible to find the right car in no time.

About The Author Motor industry expert Thomas Pretty looks into how a used Audi can be deemed a bargain in comparison to a new one.
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