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Motorcycle GPS Systems

Motorcycle GPS overcomes one of the problems of comfortable motorcycle riding. Navigation. It's not easy navigating if you're out on a trip on your bike when you don't know where you're going.

Of course you carry a map on your bike, everyone needs a map. However it's sometimes not all that easy to use a map on a good motorcycle ride. How about when it's raining, for example? You end up sitting on the side of the road looking at a soggy map.

Motorcycle navigation has always been more difficult than navigating a car, when for example, you usually have a passenger who can just tell you when to turn left for right.

When GPS technology, or Global Positioning System technology, became available to the general public it wasn't totally user friendly, and certainly wasn't all that useful for a motorcycle rider.

GPS works by using signals from satellites to triangulate your position on the globe. Unfortunately with early versions of GPS that was what you got. Your position on the globe. Useful perhaps for some, but not ideal for good car or motorcycle navigation.

However over the years GPS technology has been combined with modern computer software and mapping software to turn GPS in general, and motorcycle GPS in particular, into a total navigation solution for you or I.

And there are now dedicated motorcycle GPS systems that are specifically designed to be mounted on motorcycle handlebars which offer this motorbike navigation solution at an extremely attractive price. And as it is specifically designed to be used on a motorbike the best motorcycle GPS systems are vibration resistant and waterproof too.

You get a unit that mounts right where you can see it and it displays a map of exactly where you are going. Good GPS navigators are able to communicate to the motorcycle rider directly by way of bluetooth technology to an earpiece in the helmet, and directions are given right to the riders ear so he or she doesn't even need to look down for visual directions, enhancing safety.

Program your ride right into your navigator before the ride and it will take you right across the country to where you want to go telling you every turn along the way. Ask it to take you past any one or more of thousands of points of interest, accomodation stops, fuel stops or a range of other destinations along the way and it will do so.

Subscribe to a service for real time traffic information and it will download information on traffic jams and automatically route you around them.

Then download your whole ride at the end and keep it for the future or share it with friends. Oh, and along the way perhaps you'd like your motorcycle GPS system to play you some music or give you hands free phone calling via bluetooth capability. And it will do lots lots more as well.

There's no doubt that modern motorcycle GPS navigation systems have come a long way since the days of old Global Positioning System technology. For well under $1000 you can buy one of the best GPS motorcycle navigators and make navigating your next long ride a breeze.

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