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Bluetooth is transforming motorcycles

When we think about wireless communications, bluetooth is at the very forefront of technological change. The system allows two devices to communicate with each other over relatively small distances of typically a few metres.

Making use of such technology on motorbikes doesn't necessarily seem a very obvious application. At least, not at first sight.

As we delve deeper, it soon becomes clear that bluetooth certainly does have a part to play in helping to make a motorcycle rider's life that bit easier.

This role centres on a specific problem that motorbike riders have - the problem of communicating.

If you've ever been on a motorbike, then you'll undoubtedly know that it's a noisy place to be. The engine, the speed and the weather conditions all combine to create a loud roar.

With so much noise, it's pretty much impossible to have a conversation with anyone else on the bike. This is where bluetooth technology leaps to the rescue.

Bluetooth headsets can be used to allow two people to communicate easily. They can block out most of the road noise and adjust the microphone volume automatically to make it easier to talk.

Since this is only required over a short distance, they are ideal for the job.

When used in combination with a bluetooth ready mobile phone, they really come into their own. Now it's possible to have a hands free mobile phone conversation from the back of the bike.

You may not have noticed this transformation, but bikers are seeing major changes as a result of technological changes.

Next time you see them out on the road, maybe you'll spot the use of these headsets.

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