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An Overview of Motocross Boots

Deciding on a pair of Motocross boots can be a tricky business. On one hand, you'll want a tough, reliable boot that will give you great protection and hold up for years. On the other hand, you'll want one that doesn't break the bank and is usable come rain or shine. We'll highlight some of the factors you should contemplate when choosing a boot so you can decide what's most important to you.

Safety of Motocross Boots
Clearly, the primary concern should be safety. Motocross racers can be off the track for weeks if they suffer a serious ankle problem. The best kind of protection can be obtained by making sure that some or all of the subsequent features are present: metal-reinforced soles, thermal shields, polyurethane shin and calf protective plates, as well as shock absorbing heel pads.

One other protective asset not to be overlooked is sturdiness. Better quality components enhance the overall safety and life of the boot. Some high-end makers now sell replaceable soles. When the soles wear thin, they may be taken off and replaced with fresh ones. Since the sole often gives out well ahead of the rest of the boot, that feature can help extend the boots' lifespan.

Buckles are usually constructed from aluminum or plastic. The former will cost a bit more but will live longer.

Safety and durability are two of the most important factors in choosing motocross boots so spend a little extra time on these.

Except if you're buying a custom-made model, no boot will fit exactly. But pliant segments in the upper, coupled with gel pads around the foot will guarantee the wearer receives a snug, safe fit. Notice a detachable lining -- this will let you adjust the fit around the foot.

If you have a relatively uncommon foot width, you will include to really hunt around, or go the custom route, as most boots are available in standardized sizing.

Other Factors
You'll also wish to think about the permeability of the shoe. Many shoes can feature an insert designed to keep water out. Additionally, think about the shoe's weight. All genuine racing boots will be lightweight, but if you're concerned about each little milligram be certain to obtain precise weight data prior to your purchase.

Brands and Price
Alpinestars, with their Tech series, has been recognized as the leader for quite some time. Gaerne, with their SG-10 model, has come up big, though. In addition Sidi has consistently been known for producing quality boots. Expect to spend between $300 and $400 for good boots. You can get away with a tad lower if you're looking to reserve cash and are willing to sacrifice some of the fancier features. Don't go too cheap, though, or you'll give up too much.

Youth Motocross Boots
Are you searching for motocross boots for your kids? It can be more difficult to locate children's sizes, but lots of brands do produce smaller versions of their grown up gear. Protection is obviously a primary issue when buying these boots, but the majority of businesses provide plenty of safety features. Lastly, it's rational not to sweat about the durability of these boots, since your youngster won't wear them for more than a year or two.

About The Author Steve Odine has been riding since before he can remember. He's worn out a lot of motocross boots in his day, and has written about many of them. He's also a recognized expert who likes to entertain as well as to inform. Read up on his articles on all types of motocross gear and other musings so you can ride fast, be safe, and look sharp.
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