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A Motorists Guide To Insurance, Covers And Quotes

Motorbike, scooter or moped insurance is something nobody enjoys looking or paying for; however, it is a necessary evil that without it will mean that you are not permitted to ride on the road. First time bikers will not be familiar with the process of applying for an insurance policy, nor would they know what cover to apply for and how much this will cost.

First, before applying for any motorbike or moped insurance you will need to determine, which category your full license falls into. Below is a list of all the categories you will come across; category P which refers to moped license, category A1 which is a light motorcycle of a specific engine power and category A which is a full license with a standard motorbike (this is also known as A2).

Keep in mind that motorbike, scooter and moped insurance are similar with their policies, but can differ, as they are different vehicles altogether. For people riding motorcycles, you will expect to pay more in insurance prices as this will take into account the make of your bike and the length of time you have had the bike. The more expensive your bike is, the higher the risk in damages, theft, vandalism or fire. Therefore, the price of the insurance will likely to be more.

It also depends upon the motorist as well, whether they have been riding for a long time, or have only just obtained their license. Those that are more experienced will find that their insurance quote will be cheaper, whereas a first-timer will expect to pay a higher amount as they are perceived to be at a higher risk of accidents and damages than an experienced rider is.

All insurance, be it motorcycle or moped insurance, will offer three main types of cover. The first is third party cover only. This means that you are covered for third party damages that you may have caused. This is essential as it will save you a lot of money and the aggravation. The second type of insurance cover is third party fire and theft. This is exactly as it is titled; only the cover stretches out for damages onto your motor vehicle. This is slightly more expensive, and covers cost of repairs, or be given cash advance to cover all costs incurred.

A fully comprehensive insurance cover covers all of the above, in addition, it will cover loss, and damage to extra features and modifications. This top of the range insurance cover and one that is more expensive. This will also cover for damage and fire damage to third party vehicle, as well as damage to passenger and third party medical expenses.

For a first time motorist you may or not be able to afford the insurance policies which cover for a minimal of damage. However, it is a good idea to gain expert advice and possibly research into the best policy for you beforehand. This way you will get a better idea of how much, you will spend and what to expect from your cover.

It is a legal requirement to purchase insurance for your vehicle, so you cannot get away with riding on the road without it. Think of it this way, if anything happened to your bike or moped, you could face losing a lot of money not to mention time and possibly face court fines. This could even lead to having your license revoked, which is not a pleasant experience. It is better to be safe than sorry!

About The Author Anna Stenning knows a lot about moped insurance having been a moped rider when she was younger.
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