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Water4gas Review - Discover the Truth About Water4gas

If you was looking for the way to increase gas mileage you must have already heard about the technology called water4gas. Well, you were right. Water4gas allows you to increase your gas mileage by running your car with water. In this review I will tell you about advantages and disadvantages of this technology and how doe it work. So let's begin...

Water4Gas is a simple do-it-yourself device which is installed into you car. This device converts water into brown gas which is also known as hydrogen or HHO. It is then used to power your car. Everything is very simple, but don't think that you will be able to use only water as a fuel, you will still need gasoline, hydrogen is only used as a supplemental fuel. You don't need any special knowledge to do this device, the only thing you should do is to follow step-by-step instruction and plans. You will find all of the required materials in any hardware shop.

Ok, it is time to talk about disadvantages of water4gas. You might have heard that it is possible to increase gas mileage by 80%. Well, it isn't possible. People who checked this technology had fuel efficiency increase only by 50%.

So, if you really want to reduce emissions, increase gas mileage and save your hard-earned money, water4gas is what you need. Experts say that gas prices won't go down anymore, moreover they could go as high as $10 per gallon in the nearest future. So why don't you give this technology a try?

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