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Using Gas Saving Products to Save Money on Gas

With the rising cost of gas prices, everyone wants to save as much money at the gas pump as they possibly can. You may not be able to control the price of gas, but you can change certain habits and follow some basic guidelines to help you save as much money as possible.

Although the studies are still inconclusive, you might want to consider using gas saving products to save you money at the gas pump. The following products have been tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

1. Air Bleed Devices.

These types of devices are designed to bleed air into the carburetor and are generally installed in your vehicle in the Positive Crankcase Ventilation line.

- Fuel Max- Aquablast Wyman Valve Air Bleed- Gas Saving Device- Grancor Air Computer

2. Vapor Bleed Devices.

These devices are related to the air bleed device but in this case induced air is forced through a container that contains a mixture of water and antifreeze. This device is usually installed in the engine compartment.

- Econo-Mist Vacuum Vapor Injection System- Mark II Vapor Injection System- Turbo Vapor Injection System- Atomized Vapor Injector

3. Liquid Injection.

These types of fuel saving products add liquid to the air and fuel intake system of your car instead of into the combustion chamber of your engine.

- Goodman Engine System-Model 1800- Waag-Injection System

4. Ignition Devices.

These devices are usually attached to the ignition system of your car. (Can be used as a parts replacement).

- BIAP Electronic Ignition Unit- Special Formula Ignition Advance Springs- Magna Flash Ignition Control System- Baur Condenser

5. Fuel Line Devices.

These devices are used as a cooler or a heater. The fuel is heated just before it is injected into the carburetor. When this type of a device isn't used the fuel is generally heated by the car's electrical system, the exhaust, or the engine coolant.

- Russell Fuelmiser- FuelXpander- Jacona Fuel System; Optimizer

The above gas saving products may or may not help you save in your gas consumption and cost, but if you are seriously looking for a way to save money you may want to consider trying one or two of the products.

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