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Technology Now Allows Waste to Become Fuel

"We really can convert regular household waste, medical waste, anything that is not radioactive, metal, glass or porcelain, into diesel fuel."

This is according to Michael Spitzauer who is the CEO of Green Power Inc., a company based in Washington. And Green Power has just recently demonstrated to the public that they sure can. Green Power uses a process that they dub as Catalytic Depolymerization. And those two hundred people who were seeing the technology in action were amazed. After all, who has already seen landfill waste become diesel fuel?

Most were really amazed at the spectacle. Among those 200 witnesses, government officials were also there. Some representatives of oil refineries and corporations were also there to take part in the said event. There were even some who came from the countries of Japan and India. Most claimed that they were skeptical at first but it sure shows that Green Power has got the power to make people believers of the Catalytic Depolymerization process.

Green Power is going to show off this technology to various cities this summer right through the coming fall. They would be transporting the equipment through a tractor-trailer rig. But this one that they would be bringing along is just a demonstration unit and is much smaller than the real one which would still have to be constructed in a plant. Statistics from the organization state that when the real plant is already in the works, it would be able to consume 500 to 2000 tons of waste from landfills each day like plastics, junk, and even damaged Mazda RX-7 performance parts. Then, the technology would then transform these wastes into around 75,000 gallons of gas. So just imagine, this technology would be able to reduce the amount of waste and at the same time it would also be producing the much coveted fuel.

And maybe, gas prices would also go down. According to Green Power, they estimate that the diesel fuel that they would be able to create out of landfill wastes could be sold at around $0.52 to $0.58 per gallon. And with such competition, it is very much likely that other oil companies would follow suit. Hopefully.

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