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Save On Cash While Saving On Gas With the Tornado Fuel Saver

Times are rough these days. With the skyrocketing fuel costs, all we have to do is tighten our belts until the storm calms down. Motorists have done all means possible to save on fuel for their trucks and cars. And here comes a "twister" of a performance part to increase fuel economy and add more gallop for your engine's horsepower.

You are battling against the annoying rise of fuel prices. And so you better have the Tornado Fuel Saver in your ride. You have seen it in different infomercials carrying various names: Tornado Gas Saver, tornado fuel saver, tornado gas saver, tornado auto, tornado automobile, cyclone fuel saver, tornado for car, tornado car part, tornado auto part, car fuel saver, super fuel saver, turbo fuel saver, tornado turbo, fuel savers for cars, fuel saver device, tornado fuel savers, and tornado gasoline savers among many others. A long list really. But whatever you may call it, the Tornado Gas Saver can dramatically decrease your net fuel cost, be it in your car, truck, van or SUV. The Tornado Gas Saver works on either carbureted or fuel-injected engines. And it works on both gasoline and diesel engines, too.

A product of 10 years of scientific research and engineering, the Tornado Fuel Saver is a non-moving, turbine shaped, automotive air channeling tool that creates a swirling air motion allowing the air to move faster by continuously whirling air around corners and bends. This tornado effect helps to atomize the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber which, when exposed to the ignition, results to a more complete and efficient burning of the fuel. The effects are overwhelming: improvement of fuel economy (up to 24 percent), enhanced acceleration, more horsepower, and reduction of harmful emissions polluting the air.

Installing the Tornado Fuel Saver is as quick as reciting your ABC's. Made of the finest stainless steel, this gasoline saver fits easily into the air intake hose. First, you have to remove the air inlet hose between the throttle body and air filter box. Install the Tornado Fuel Saver with ease. Make sure it fits snugly inside the hose. Then replace the hose and secure the clamp. For carbureted engines, you must first remove the wing nut from the air cleaner housing. Then lift the top off to expose the air filter and install the Tornado Fuel Saver. Finally, re-install the air cleaner top - it's all done!

"We have more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Our product works." This mantra the makers of the Tornado Fuel Saver have been taking pride of in infomercials is being backed by road testing performed at an emission lab licensed by the EPA. Best of all, with better fuel atomization, the Tornado Fuel Saver allows for better flames propagation and more complete combustion. The result? Improved gas mileage of up to 24 percent.

The advent of this after-market fuel economy device has legitimized the Tornado Fuel Saver as a great gas-saving device for motorists. With superior performance to enhance fuel economy and horsepower under the hood, the Tornado Fuel Saver creates a vortex saving your money from sucking down the drain. Amidst the fuel price havoc, you save on cash while saving on gas.

About The Author James Russel grew up in Los Angeles and is 35 years old. He works as a marketing analyst for a supplier of automotive parts in the United States. On his spare time, he loves to spruce up his vehicle.
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