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Products That Will Improve Gas Mileage

You may have to spend more and more on fuel as each day passes. Instead of spending more on fuel you can try some products that are available in market that will improve the gas mileage. You will find that these wonderful fuel-saving products will not only save you a whole lot of money but also improve your automobile gas mileage.

You can improve your automobile gas mileage with the help of a quality product known as the Energycel. Energycel contains bar magnets which form a magnetic field when you install around the fuel line. This magnetic field will help to pass the fuel to the combustion chamber of the engine. Thereby it reduces fuel wastes and improves gas mileage.

The Energycel comes partially assembled. You have to do some fitting work which quite simple. First remove from foam padded strips. Then hold in a perpendicular position and fix the first screw. Rotate the magnet and then insert the second screw in correct position. Likewise insert the third screw. Ensure all the screws are tightened well.

Then you place the assembled Energycel in the fuel line. Insert the screws in the holes provided in fuel line. Tighten them well. Insert the cables so that the Energycel fixes well in the fuel line. In order to get optimum benefit from the product install it between the fuel pump and the engine. As the product contains magnet you must be careful in its installation. Otherwise it may damage some parts of engine.

It is a unique product that can be placed around the fuel line of your vehicle. It saves your fuel cost and also extends the life span of your vehicle. Energycel helps doesn't interfere with the environment at all. So you can try this unique product that improves automobile gas mileage without sacrificing the performance of your vehicle. It is bound to increase nearly 10 % of mileage per gallon.

Some products like Energycel will definitely improve the automobile gas mileage. Here are some other ways to get more gas mileage.

Petromoly is a lubricating engine oil treatment with Molybdenum Disulphide which helps in saving fuel cost by improving mileage in your vehicle. It also protects the engine from premature wear and tear. It improves engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Turbonator is another product which is made up of stainless steel and it requires no maintenance at all. You can install it easily with the help of a screw driver. Its dynamic air flow design helps to improve the air in take of your vehicle. It is proved by the Turbonator users that their vehicle gives 10 to 22 % more gas mileage after installing the Turbonator. It will also help in improving the horse power of your vehicle.

You can affix Turbonator to any type of vehicle. For T.B.I vehicles the turbonator should be installed inside the air cleaner. For E.F.I vehicles it should be installed in air in take hose. You can use up to 3 Turbanotors for these types of vehicles. For super charged body vehicles you can use only one Turbonator which should be installed in the Throttle body inside the air in take hose. This product comes with a life time warranty.

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