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Nha Conference Hydrogen Vehicles Get Fuel From Linde Gas

All hydrogen vehicles which would be showcased at the currently ongoing National Hydrogen Assocation (NHA) Conference would be given the juice that it needs, thanks to Linde Gas. Linde Gas is a member of The Linde Group which is one of the leading companies in engineering as well as in industrial gases.

The conference is currently held in San Antonio, Texas and it would be running from March 19th up until the 22nd. And with Linde being its supplier of the fuel for hydrogen vehicles, it sure would look like a grand time for all attendees. A press release did mention that Linde would be supplying the various types hydrogen fuel - compressed gaseous hydrogen and cryogenic liquid hydrogen. These would then be filled in to vehicles created by car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, GM, and Honda.

Joachim Wolf is the executive director for The Linde Group's hydrogen solutions team and he asserts, "Fueling and driving hydrogen-powered vehicles just got easier and more energy efficient, thanks to technology developed by Linde. As the theme of this year's NHA conference is 'Hydrogen: Here and Now,' it is only appropriate for Linde to demonstrate our unique capability of fuelling all vehicles at this important event." He also does continue to express, "Linde has equipped over 60 hydrogen filling stations worldwide and soon expects to meet the world's current automotive hydrogen demand with the help of sustainable hydrogen production methods, such as hydrogen produced from biomass."

If you are going to be part of the NHA Conference, you may be able to catch up on a lecture on the whole chain of events that lead to hydrogen vehicles. This project is going to be done by the BMW Group. Wolf as well as Frank Ochmann would be heading the lecture. Ochmann is the current head for the development project of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series vehicles. There would also be a segment wherein the differentiation would be set between those hydrogen vehicles and the conventional vehicles that use parts like Ford racing cold air intake systems so as to let the public understand the whole deal better.

Wolf did mention one amazing fact about hydrogen as fuel, "As a fuel source, liquid hydrogen's low volume and high energy density enables vehicles like the BMW Hydrogen 7 to travel longer distances between refueling."

About The Author Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing.
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