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Auto-Makers Say Hydrogen Is The Fuel Of The Future - They're Wrong!

Sure Hydrogen is one of the cleanest burning fuel sources in the entire world. And yes, Hydrogen Gas or HHO is 3 times more potent than Gasoline or Diesel, but where do the automakers get off hyping us up about using Hydrogen Gas as a future source of fuel for our cars?

If you didn't know, and I didn't know this at one point myself, but Hydrogen Gas comes from the molecular breakdown of water... Yeah H2O that stuff that comes out of your faucet at home. But would you really want to put water in your car?

Well, no, but then again, yes, absolutely and let me explain why...

You have to understand that its just some of the components of water that is actually going into your engine. Take out one part of Oxygen and add in one more Hydrogen atom and water becomes a gas, Hydrogen gas in fact which changes the entire perception.

For one, water won't burn under normal conditions. Yet water converted into HH0 will burn readily and it is one of the most efficiently burning sources of fuel in the world. For another thing HHO is cheaper than water. How much cheaper?

Just one Quart or one Liter of water will produce 1833 Gallons of HHO. Auto makers must know that HHO, if introduced safely and correctly into a mixture of Gasoline or Diesel will run a car a reportedly 900 miles before needing more water, but this next part is even more interesting.

Have you seen the car commercials where they take you to the tail pipe and show you the only by-product of using Hydrogen Gas as a source of fuel for you automobile is... H2O.

Yes, that's right, H2O. After going through the process of breaking down the water into HHO the Hydrogen Gas simply and naturally converts right back into being harmless water again. So there is no polluting the air while still offering far better fuel economy.

The auto makers tell us that Hydrogen is the fuel that will power the cars of the future. I say they are terribly wrong even though this throws mud in the face of all conventional wisdom, but I say it for a good reason.

Using water to produce Hydrogen as a source of fuel is old technology not future technology that we have to wait on. Breaking down or releasing Hydrogen from water is already a viable solution that is available for us all and has been available for decades.

A reported 10,000 satisfied people have begun using this old "Water for Fuel" technology. The question is; Why haven't you taken advantage of it?
About The Author Michael Littles is a big supporter of the continued development of Hydrogen as a fuel source. You can learn all about Hydrogen and how to use it as an alternative fuel source simply by visiting:
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