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Upgraded Scion Tc Presented at 2007 Chicago Auto Show

Scion is steadily making a name for itself with the production of great cars. This Toyota division was created to catch the attention of the younger buyers and currently, it is showing off their wares at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.

One of the cars in their lineup that is present at the said motor show is the upgraded Scion tC. The tC coupe is the brand's best selling car and with the refinements and upgrades that it was given, it has raised the bar for its competitors in the sports coupe segment. Among the refined aspects of the car is its safety, which has become a crucial factor that is being considered by car buyers.

The exterior of the Scion tC coupe is characterized by its Scion family front fascia which is the combination of the grille and the headlight which gives the car an aggressive look. The latest version of the tC now has an upper mesh grille, a lattice lower grille, and projector-type low-beam headlights trimmed in black. The rear taillight mirrors the headlight with round combination lamps. The interior of the coupe is also enhanced over the previous model.

The latest version of the tC sports a deep orange combination meter on the dashboard, door assist grips accented in silver. The entertainment package is also improved - the tC now employs a Pioneer subwoofer.

Aside from the subwoofer, the coupe is now compatible with Apple iPods. The feature is present on all Scion cars for the 2008 year model. The car's 160-watt Pioneer AM/FM/CD audio system comes with a head unit with iPod controls. The head unit displays the track, artist and album information from the iPod into its screen. Connecting an iPod to the audio system of the car is as simple as plugging it into a port wit the use of a connector cable. With the iPod connected to the car's audio system, controlling the play options can be done through the head unit and the audio control integrated in the car's steering wheel. To further enhance the audio system of the car, it comes with rear head unit output jacks that allow users to add external amplifiers to increase the output of the speakers and the subwoofer.

The entertainment refinement does not end there though. The entertainment system allows users to download "skins" that will be played on the LCD faceplate that will come with the head unit. "Skins" can be downloaded from Pioneer's website, these can either be images or four-second video clips or eight-second movies. Consumers can also burn their images or videos onto a CD and upload them onto the head unit.

The entertainment and comfort that the new tC offers also comes with reliable safety features like a complete lineup of airbags that covers all the part of the car's interior including a driver's knee airbag. The coupe also employs a tire pressure monitoring system and three-point seatbelts in all five seating positions. It also comes with a first aid kit.

The refinement that the Scion tC coupe has undergone will not be complete without a powerplant that will complement the vehicle itself. The tC will be powered by a 2.4-liter double overhead cam four-cylinder engine that is equipped with variable valve timing technology. The coupe is certified by the California Air Resources Board as an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle, thanks to the design of its exhaust system and the engine as well. The exhaust system eliminates much of the harmful gasses in the exhaust of the engine, just like a Volvo oil filter strain the engine oil circulating on a car's cooling system.

About The Author Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. she is a native of the motor city and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field.
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