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Why Car Enthusiasts Should Practice Safe Driving on the Road

Drivers have a number of options today when deciding on performance enhancing parts for their vehicles. Performance chips, exhaust systems and countless other modifications compete for the performance enthusiast's attention. Before deciding on any particular part, a driver should ask himself three questions:

- Do I really need this part?
- Can I afford this part?
- Will adding this part make me a more unsafe driver?

The last point may need further explanation...
My good friend Johnny Woo was obsessed with his car-a heavily modified Sti Racer. His car really was very impressive and not just in the looks department. It boasted a 4 cylinder, 16 valve turbocharged engine with an amazing 310 horsepower as well as 300 lbs of torque.
He had spent a small fortune in picking out components and parts and installing them himself. He felt that this gave him an edge because he knew exactly what his car was capable of.
Needless to say, he felt like a king whenever driving it around and this sometimes got him into trouble. At an intersection one day, he was waiting for the light to change when a Mustang pulled up next to him. The driver started revving his engine and taunting Johnny. He should have just kept his cool and let it pass, but there is some ancient rivalry between American muscle cars and import racers and Johnny wasn't about to let this insult pass unchallenged.
When the light turned green, the two cars were off with twin roars. They were neck and neck until, right on time, a siren was heard. Johnny was in the lead and he just floored the gas and kept driving. But because the Mustang guy had fallen behind, he was forced to pull over and take the full consequences of the law.
Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story. The Mustang guy saw Johnny a few weeks later and challenged him to a rematch.
Johnny agreed, and met his rival at a deserted intersection at about 2 am. Due to the lateness of the hour, they thought they would be able to race undisturbed. They faced off and traded insults. "Ricer" and "Redneck" were shouted many a time. Finally they climbed into their respective vehicles and lined up at an agreed starting line. A friend gave the signal and they were off. Johnny pulled forward, but then suddenly lost control and spun wildly, crashing into a light pole and ending the race. The Mustang owner drove off in triumph, while Johnny lay in his car, quite dead. It was definitely a sad day, but also an important lesson on the dangers of street racing. For just a battle of egos, a life was lost.
So a driver nowadays needs to be smart. He should only trust top quality components and resist the urge to show off in what could possibly be a very deadly manner. If racing is what a driver craves and there is no way he can live without zooming down a street to prove his manliness, he should research various driving tracks in the local area and see if using any of these is an option.

About The Author I'm going to only use trusted components and brands such as the Banks Diesel Performance, the Banks Six Gun and the Banks Power Pack
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