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Whiplash Prevention

Whiplash is a serious injury that is not taken seriously enough. Hundreds and thousands of people suffer from whiplash on a daily basis. In fact, this is the most popular reason for a visit to the emergency room in the US, with a total of almost 120,000 incidences of whiplash occurring annually and those are only incidents that have been reported!!

Whiplash injury can be a short term or long term injury depending on the age, overall health and the medical history of the victim. The extent of the injury will also determine how long one will suffer from whiplash. Whiplash can occur at even the slowest rate of 3mph in a rear-ended vehicle collision. Far more, the damage that may be done, if the collision happens at a faster rate!!

Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, shoulder and lower back pain, dizziness, pain and numbness in the arm or hand, ringing ears, blurred vision, and lack of concentration, memory problems, irritability, sleeplessness and tiredness. Many people underestimate the significance of these symptoms and believe they would pass in time. However, if whiplash remains unattended the symptoms do not merely disappear but are embedded to cause bigger and recurring problems in the future. Whiplash needs to be treated immediately to prevent discomfort. Treatment may include, depending on the circumstances, ice applications, a cervical collar, gently active movement, medication, physical and muscle relaxing treatments.

With the onset and frequency of whiplash occurrence, especially in the US, Hudson-VPD has designed the WhipGuard„ for major vehicle companies and for individuals who are concerned about their safety. Recent research and standards recommend that the gap between the driver's head and the head rest be 2" as the maximum gap and "0" is the best, to help prevent whiplash in motor vehicles.

Hudson Or is the exclusive distributor of the WhipGuard„ in the US for both retail and wholesale purchases. The WhipGuard„ has been designed to decrease the gap between the head and the headrest according to US and UK standards, and has been proven to help in the prevention of whiplash occurrence. Regular headrests are not designed with both protection and comfort in mind. And most do not decrease the gap as scientifically proven by the WhipGuard„. Crash test have proven that WhipGuard„ aides in the prevention of whiplash by preventing the head from snapping backward in a rear-end collision. The backward and forward snapping of the head is the major cause of whiplash that ultimately leads to other distress and persisting symptoms.

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