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When Your Ride Looks Incredible, It Should Also Sound Incredible

The car stereo probably isn't the first task you tackle when you're renovating an older car or adding onto a new one, but you don't have to sacrifice the quality of sound just because your car came with a second-rate sound system. You also don't have to spend a fortune to customize your car stereo. Take a look at some tips for custom sound systems that don't cost a fortune.

Pay attention to the speakers. It doesn't help at all to have an incredible, top-of-the-line CD player if your sound is all coming through a single tiny speaker mounted in the trunk. A great sound may be as easy as adding some speakers.

Remember that not all speakers are created equal. Woofers and tweeters offer up completely different ends of the scale as far as sound goes and you'll need both if you're looking to get a good range. If you're planning to buy an entire new system, be sure the speakers reflect the quality of the rest of the system.

Get a clear path for your sound to travel. Believe it or not, it matters. If you think sound passes through solid objects without distortion, just place a jacket and a couple of books on top of the speakers mounted on the back dash of any vehicle. Now that you understand, take a few minutes to consider where you should place your speakers to get the maximum benefit for the passengers.

The speaker mounting also matters. You may be able to lay the speakers on the seat and point them in the right direction, but the direction is going to change the first time you turn a corner. Not only that, speakers that aren't tightly mounted will vibrate as soon as you turn up your music. Your existing speaker mounts are a good place to start, but don't be afraid to let your imagination take hold. There may be other mounting places that are even better.

Just as placement of speakers is important, placement of wiring is also something you should pay close attention to, though for different reasons. If your wires are running across the back floors of your car, your entire system is in jeopardy the first time your friends step in to take a seat. It's fine to say, "Be careful," but that's an instruction that's not likely to be followed when someone gets feet tangled in the wiring and they're about to make a less-than-graceful exit from your back seat. When that happens (and it will), your wiring is going to be jerked unmercifully from its place. There's a real potential for shorting out expensive equipment.

When you've got your car decked out with all the latest car kit equipment, the terrific sounds of an top notch car stereo will finish the impression of an incredible ride.
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