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What is Required to Run My Car on Water?


If you are looking for what is required to run my car on water? You need to know first how it can happen. In my opinion the task of converting water into fuel is really a challenge for most of the people, however researchers have already found out a solution for running car on water. Actually it is a chemical process of converting water molecules to hydrogen and oxygen atom and consequently the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Actually if we talk about water, is it water in pure form? No, the answer is not. Pure water cannot be electrolyzed and we need some impurity in water so that it can easily be electrolyzed. The essential element required for converting your gas-based car to water base is the kit that helps in electrolyzing water to its constituents. The electrolysis can be done with the help of a battery. Passing high voltage current under certain conditions and in presence of catalyst will cause the water to electrolyze into oxygen and hydrogen.

The next essential part required running the car on water is the transport system from where these will be transferred to the main engine. An additional supplement is essentially required where the transported gas will burn and will produce energy. Hydrogen acts as fuel and oxygen acts as oxidant and once the hydrogen is burnt, water is released. So, in comparison to conventional gas based engine, here in water based technology we don't produce any pollution such as Nox, Sox, and particulate matters. This technique is cost effective and it has huge saving potential for the long run.

For running your car on water, you need minor changes to be carried out on your car. You definitely need a water tank, where you can electrolyze the water. The next you need a transport system for carrying the gas to the engine. With this a one time small investment, you could save lots of money. Further not only monetary benefits you achieve from running your car on water, you also protect the environment from pollution. This will ultimately benefit the next generation also. So, spend a small investment today and carry out small modifications in your car so that it starts running on water.

About The Author There are variety of ways to save gas, such as by running your car on water or getting coupons.Learn How to Run your car on water and save environment as well as money.
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