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Water Fuel Cell-a 1960s alchemist makes a car run on water.

Years ago, in the late 60's I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a reclusive man from eastern Nevada who was known as somewhat of an alchemist. This began my research on water fuel cells.

With the price of fuel re-awakening my interest I share this story. Thanksto the knowledge that my friend Luke began to share with me in my younger years. At 78 years old Luke was still tinkering with making his 64 Chevy impala run on water. It took him two years into our friendship before he told me his secret, and then making me swear to secrecy before showing me his project that was hidden in a basement, hand dug under his hot, neglected, barn.

Making a car run on water he told me,"would surely get me killed by a big oil company". Climbing down the rickety ladder to his underground garage under a drop light and surrounded by tools and a bunch of plumbing junk, sat the normal looking Impala.

He started it up and let the car idle before flicking a toggle switch that made the car idle down and run somewhat rough. Then Luke pulled what appeared to be a choke cable and adjusted it, making the car run smoother but still at a slower idle.

We then climbed back up to the barn were he had the cars exhaust running to a 55 gallon drum with a funnel welded to the bottom. He then stuck his head into the rumbling metal drum. After about a minute of wondering what his point was, I realized I smelled no exhaust!Then I stuck my head in the drum and smelled just a hint of steamy oil smell in an environment that would normally kill.

I rode in the car several times with Luke before he died and it seemed to function like any other 64' Impala, he bought gas like everyone else in town and this made me skeptical of his success.

 Until about a month after his death a man stopped by and said Luke had left me something in his will. He handed me an envelope and I had inherited a 1000 gallon tank of leaded fuel under his barn.

About The Author   My blog about water fuel cells.
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