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The solution for the traffic problem in the USA The rear view mirror

Friday afternoon, 4 pm, and work is over. Everything could be so nice: The weekend starts, the grill for the barbecue on Saturday is already prepared, the children and the wife are going on vacation to the mountains, and I am looking forward to three days full of meat, beer and sports with the guys. But one thing interrupts my good feeling; the horrible traffic between my office and my blessed home. Usually, the drive takes around 15 minutes, but during rush hour it takes over an hour! For two weeks I have been trying to find a solution for this problem.

My first idea was buying a helicopter to fly high above the cars, but I am not sure if my 2500 bucks a month are enough for this purchase. My second idea sounded a bit more realistic. I could change jobs and work at an office near my house. But because of the fact that I am living in a residential area that is dominated by Mexican and Asian Fast Food Restaurants, this idea is wasted, too. I am Human Resource Manager, but I am not very interested in settling the conflicts of Chan-Li and Po-Li in the kitchen. So I have been trying to find out the reason for the weird situation on the highways. Surely you can say that the fact that everyone finishes work around 4 pm is the reason for this daily adventure on the road characterized by screaming, crying and brawling. But, only at first glance is this the reason for the whole disaster. The actual reason is women; the heavenly bodies, I love so much. I dont want to say that they are bad drivers and are blocking the traffic. I think everyone knows that so I dont have to mention it again. To clarify what I mean, you just have to look into the cars and trucks driven by women. They dont look at the street in front of them; they dont pay attention to the lights, which have been green for a couple of minutes. No, they just look in the mirror. Now you could assume that they want to find out what is going on behind their car. Wrong. At this moment the car behind them is as far away from their minds as the kitchen at home, which they have forgotten to clean up for 6 days. The reason, why they look in the mirror is very simple. They only want to remind themselves how beautiful they are.

I know I am not able to change the nature of women. Rather, I want to suggest a solution that will cut down the time women spend looking in the mirror. They should have a clean and modern mirror, where they can see everything. Therefore I suggest women get new rear view mirrors.

They make for a perfect inexpensive replacement or an improvement over an old-fashioned reflector. And beside that CIPA Rear View Mirrors feature an anti-glare mode to prevent blindness during nighttime drives. And this attribute is very important, because women are bad drivers in the daylight, but in the night¦ oh my god. As you can see, I have spent a lot of time to find a solution for the traffic problem and I think I have found it. So guys follow my advice and replace your old mirrors with the new modern rear view mirrors. The traffic and your woman will be very grateful.
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