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Organizing your Garage

Sure your garage is the place where you can always put the things that does not fit into your house. But no matter if your garage is a place for your forsaken stuff or a haven for the thing you treasure (your car of course), it is still within the premises of your home and must therefore, be treated with some amount of respect (read: should be cleaned and organized from time to time).

By thinking such, you will be motivated to organize and clean up your garage, living an ample space for you VW car and the temporarily detached or not used car parts such as your VW coil.

The process of organizing your garage space is summed up to cleaning, grouping, assessing, storing, and maintaining.

First up, thoroughly clean the garage. Use cat litter to soak up oil spills from the floor and change any burned-out light bulbs. Repainting it is also a good idea. But to save money, access first if the paints really need to be replaced.

In order to clearly see what things you have in the garage, group items together by their purpose. This arrangement is better than arranging things by size. Create a separate area within the garage for tools, home improvement, sports equipment, seasonal items, abandoned hobbies, gardening tools, etc. If there are items that belong inside the home, immediately move them there. Also, create a pile for trash as well as a pile for donation. If you have borrowed items from neighbors and friends, create a pile for "returns" so that they will not mix up with your things.

Assessing is the next thing to do. By pile, review the items you have. Know whether you need them or not, whether you will use them or not and if someone uses it. Make each pile available to only those items you use regularly, or need to keep on hand for special occasions such as holiday decorations, wrapping paper, extra paint, etc.

Storing comes next. Through observations, it can be said that most people do not make efficient use of their garage space because everything collects on the floor. Invest in see-through storage containers or baskets that can be labeled and stacked for smaller items. Meanwhile, for larger items, such as sports equipment and tools, purchase garage accessories that utilize the walls to maximize available space. You can also consider creating shelving, drawers or even a workbench area.

When every thing is set, all you need to do is to maintain. Practice yourself to return garage items to their designated spaces when you are done using it. It only takes a few seconds, but it can mean the difference between keeping your garage organized and neat or descending back into chaos. If you start out having a specific place for each item, it is definitely much easier.

About The Author Benjamin Hudson works as a supervisor at one of the top engineering firms in the business district of Louisiana. He is also a freelance journalist and has passion for anything automotive.
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