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Maximum Age Restrictions Are Imposed For Car Rentals

Many if not majority of the seniors nowadays enjoy traveling and the travel industry has openly responded to their interest with an offer of a wide array of senior travel packages catered for their specific needs and interests. However, not everything is working towards their favor as with the case of car rentals where in certain African, European and South Pacific countries, they are not qualified to rent a car because they are too old.

Some insurance companies have mandated the cut-off or maximum age for car rental at about 70 to 75 years of age. In case an older customer gets involved in an accident, the insurance carrier of the company will have to increase their rates across the board unless they refuse service to customers above a particular age.

Each car rental insurance company will have varying insurance carriers, so it would help to ask beforehand about age restrictions if any and if they will apply to the particular area where you will be traveling.

Many people are aware that there is a minimum age limit when it comes to car rentals but then seniors don't realize that there is as well a maximum age limit. Even if you deal with major car rental companies, seniors cannot actually avoid the problem. Such companies may not impose maximum age restrictions for car rental at their corporate sites but their franchise outlets at other locations may impose the restrictions to comply with requirements on insurance.

In spite of the age restrictions, there are several tips to help seniors improve their chances of renting a car despite their old age. Of course, it would definitely help to shop around. Not all car rental companies are setting an upper age limit so while one company may disqualify you, there may be another one in the area which would not. In some cases, seniors are allowed to rent cars so long as they can provide their very own insurance coverage for the duration that they will be renting a vehicle and traveling in that particular location.

Also, quite often it would help to rent a car near your destination instead of at your actual destination where you will just drive yourself there. Their regulations may be more flexible.

Car rental companies don't always post on their websites age restrictions if they do have. So, if you are aged 70 or older, calling the car rental company and inquiring about their policies regarding your travel destination will provide you with the needed information. Verify if you can actually rent a vehicle at your place of destination.

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