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Indian Auto Sales Report

The passenger car sales are still boosting even after the prices of the cars have gone high. With the increase in the raw materials and hardening interest rates the prices of the cars have gone up between 2 and 5 per cent. Every car manufacturers have hiked their price for all the models. But looks like all these factors have not affected as the month of May saw the sales of passenger car rose on an average by 23 per cent.

India's largest car manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki's domestic sales recorded an increase of 15 per cent by selling 64,143 units against the 55,952 units last year. Another leader in auto market, Hyundai Motor India also saw a good sales growth of 47 per cent in domestic passenger car with sales 24,510 units in May 2008, compared to 16,643 units last year. The domestic sales of general motors also rose by 7 per cent. It was a Spark-ling victory for General Motors India with smashing sales of Chevrolet Spark from the small car segment. The model was sold in 2250 units in May and the overall sales of GM models like Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Aveo Uva, Chevrolet Optra, Chevrolet Captiva and MUV Chevrolet Tavera too saw a good sales report. Now the company plans to roll out another small car for India which will cost lower than Spark.


Another reason for car sales boost is launch of new models this year. With so many models from almost all the car makers has given a good push to the auto sales.

The export sales also did not lag behind. Maruti's export sales figure registered a 41 per cent growth and the credit line goes to the its latest compact model Maruti Swift from A2 segment and recently launched Swift Dzire from  A3 extension.


The export sales of Hyundai also faced an impressive figure of raise in 57 per cent at 15,751 units. The company was able to hold on with the strong figures even after the higher interest rates. Recently launched i10 received good response from the buyers and soon the company will introduce the diesel version of i10.

  But again we cannot say that the car sales graph will remain on top as the people have just started feeling the pinch of car price hike and the fuel hike.

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