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Great Benefits When Donating a Car to a Worthwhile Charity

Buying a new car is a great experience especially after months of review and searching for just the right vehicle to meet your needs. But in your excitement and in the luxury of smelling that new car smell, don't forget about your old car.

While many consumers trade in their cars or sell them to other buyers, is there something more significant that you can do with your old car? Absolutely!

When you donate your old car to charity you can not only benefit yourself but also a worthy cause. Let's look at the positives of donating a car to a charitable organization:

1. Tax Write-off. When you donate a car to a charity, you receive a deductible tax benefit equal to the price that your vehicle was sold for.

2. Tax Deduction. If the charity of your choice decides to use your vehicle in a way that is defined by the Tax Code instead of selling it - your tax deduction is based upon the current fair market value or (i.e. Kelly Blue Book value) of your donated car.

3. Knowledge of a Good Thing Done. Giving to a charity is one of the best rewards in and of itself. You are helping someone else in a way that is significant and car donations go a long way in making certain that charities fulfill its mission and its vision while not going over their budget.

4. Increase Storage, Decrease Clutter. An old car that you are not using just takes up space in your garage, driveway or yard that you could use for other things such as storage.

5. Save on Unnecessary Maintenance and Expense. Owning a car, even if you don't drive it, will cost you money as you will still have to potentially pay property taxes, renew your vehicle registrations and keep your vehicle inspections current as well as keep up the maintenance on the car to ensure its optimal performance and drivability. These are rather high demands for something that you do not even plan to use

Donating your used car to charity would be the best option for you. Think of what you will save as well as what you will be given in return for your donation. You won't have to maintain the car, give up storage space for a vehicle that stays parked most of the time. Additionally, giving helps make the world a better place. There simply isn't any better deal that that!

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