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Do Nitrous Oxide Systems (nos) Have a Practical Purpose On Diesels?

There are many people out there that will justify anything that they can so they can feel good about doing something, or having something in their possession. The question is, does nitrous have any practical application on a diesel engine, but first a little information about nitrous oxide.

The Nitrous kits for diesels that we run are pretty easy to install, with all of the wiring and solenoids self contained in two boxes, with all necessary hardware and fittings. And can even be installed if you have NOT O-ringed your heads, although if you do have stock heads you should limit the amount of nitrous being sprayed.

Nitrous Oxide when burned at high temperatures, releases oxygen. With nitrous burning it allows for a 50% saturation of oxygen, while atmospheric air only allows for about a 20% saturation of oxygen. The more oxygen, the more power. Nitrous dramatically increases power instantly. Nitrous also will dramatically lower the exhaust gas temperatures. Propane will also lower exhaust temperature some, but nothing like nitrous will. But does it have any real application?

Nitrous could be used in very small shots to keep things cool and give a little power, but the price would be way too much for the gain that you would get. Other than that, nitrous is friend only to those who are challenged to a drag race, or for the man who just has to be the fastest. There is really no towing application for nitrous oxide. With anything that will increase power so dramatically you need to take precautions as well, and should have a full set of gauges and the ability to monitor all of your engines parameters. So in conclusion, does running a nitrous oxide system have any real application on a diesel engine? Answered as an individual that has to have all the bells and whistles, I'm going to have to answer with an emphatic YES! So its only real purpose is for fun and racing.

This Article was written by Nathan Young of Parleys Diesel Performance.

About The Author Nathan Young is owner and operator of Parley’s Diesel Performance, and is a Diesel Nitrous enthusiast.
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