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Contributions At The Dynamic Of Cam Gear

The paper CONTRIBUTIONS AT THE DYNAMIC OF CAMS presents an original method in determining a general, dynamic and differential equation for the motion of machines and mechanisms, particularized for the mechanisms with rotation cams and followers. This equation can be directly integrated by an original method presented in this paper. After integration the resulted mother equation may be solved immediately. One presents an original dynamic model with one degree of freedom, with variable internal amortization. One determines the resistant force reduced at the valve (4), the motor force reduced at the valve (5), and the coefficient of variable internal amortization (6). The reduced mass can be calculated with the form (8). The differential motion equation takes the exact form (31), and the approximate form (32). The equation (31) is preparing for its integration with the form (35, 36, 37). The (37) form can be directly integrated and one obtains the parental equation (38). The equation (38) can be arranged in forms (39, 40, 41). The mother equation (41) can be solved directly (42-45), or more elegant with finished differences (48 and 49-50). See the paper from one of these websites:

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About The Author Author: Florian Ion TIBERIU-PETRESCUCompany: UPB POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST TMR DepartmentResidence: BUCHAREST - ROMANIA - EUROPEWebsite: Quote 1: Drivetrain Expert (Gear And Gearing Expert)Memorable Quote 2: Otto Engines Expert (Powertrain Expert)Author Comment / Biography:Citizenship: Romanian Date of birth: March; 28; 1958 Home address: Târgu-Neamt street, 15-17, bl. A15, ap. 44, sect. 6, Bucharest, ROMANIA, zip-062054. Phone: 004(0) 0722529840; 004(0) 0217466121. E-mail:; Military status: unfit with draw out of evidence Marital status: married with two children’s Study (Education): Graduate of Polytechnic University Bucharest, Faculty of Transportation, Motor Vehicles stream in 1982. Professional experience record: Assistant Professor Eng. at the Bucharest Polytechnic University, chair of “Robots and Mechanisms”.
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