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Car Hire Bordeaux

Bordeax's fantastic location in southwest France means visitors can spend much of their time outdoors. The city centre is packed with cafes, bars and restaurants, where visitors can explore many different types of cultures and atmospheres and enjoy food from just about anywhere in the globe. Bordeaux is known as a city that never rests, constantly buzzing with visitors and students. Renting a car in Bordeaux allows you to enjoy the happy buzz of the city as well as the peaceful surroundings of the countryside. The following is a guide to some of the best places to visit with Bordeaux car hire.

Bordeaux Airport Mini Guide:

Bordeaux Airport is situated 13km to the west of Bordeaux. The airport offers passengers a good range of facilities including ATMs, Bureaux de Change, travel agencies and internet facilities.

Things To See/Do in Bordeaux:

It may be the world's wine capital, but there's a lot more to Bordeaux than rolling vineyards and wine tasting tours. Renting a car in Bordeaux allows you to see a whole new side to this beautiful region of France. From pretty chateaux and charming villages you'll always find something interesting going on Bordeaux.

On first impression you may find the city to be somewhat shabby but it is currently undergoing an extensive makeover, which will ultimately see the city becoming a large and wealthy metropolis. Bordeaux is located on the Garonne Riverm some 32km from the Atlantic. The city had humble beginnings as a Roman trading post before it was passed into the hands of the English who ruled the city for 300 years. Their indelible imprint is still evident on the building of the city to this day.

Eating Out in Bordeaux:

Bordeaux offers excellent choice in terms of eating out. Whether you choose to sample the local fare or something a little more familiar, you'll always find great value for money in Bordeaux. In a cultural melting pot such as Bordeaux, visitors will find numerous Chinese, Indian, and Tex Mex restaurants. Such is the choice on offer that you can virtually eat your way around the world.

Day Trips/Events in Bordeaux:

Bordeaux is an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding towns and villages of the Bordeaux region. While in town, be sure to take a tour of the beautiful Bordeaux region, famous for its rolling vineyards. Most of the vineyards are small family-run affairs, but larger businesses offer tours and tasting sessions. Famous wineries include Château Lafite-Rothschild, which contains many vintage bottles and Château Margaux where three types of wine are produced on its 650 acres. It's possible to see the vat rooms and wine cellars by making an appointment by letter or phone. Remember to designate a driver if you plan on sampling the goods.

Bordeaux plays host to a number of events throughout the calendar year. Events woth penciling into your diary include Ban des Vendanges de St-Emilion, a festival marking the beginning of the grape-picking season and Bordeaux Wine Festival which takes place June 26 to June 29.

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