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Brady Jared Teen Driver Safety Act

It is wrong to associate teenagers with speeding. Even responsible adults have been issued a speeding ticket at least once in their life. But we can't ignore the statistics about teenagers going at frightening speeds in total abandon. And it is a human frailty that we wait for an accident to happen before taking action.

Car accidents can put the "brakes" on the joys of life because we got busy testing the accelerator to see how far down it could go, and forgetting to step on the brakes. It is when the car is revved up and going at over 130 miles an hour that we savor true "exhilaration." Let's admit it. Didn't we go over the speeding limit more than once when we got our first car? No two ways about it. Speed is a perfect mantra for all those who are tasting freedom for the first time. Our driver's license is far more important than our birth certificate... in a way.

But in many ways, obtaining licenses is more restrictive in California today. Thanks to the revealing statistics of teen driving and collisions, mothers finally rounded up some legislature authorities to push for the Brady Jared Teen Driver Safety Act of 1997. It boils down to making it harder - and longer - to obtain a permanent driver's license. This Act was passed in honor of Brady Grasinger of southern California and Jared Cunningham who both died in a car wreck.

Brady was 15, Jared 14. It is not clear if speeding caused the collision, but think of it this way: if speed was not part of the equation, both drivers would have had time to control their vehicles and avert an accident. Speed is exhilarating, definitely, a clear sign of individual freedom, but it translates into exorbitant speeding tickets and worse, accidental death.

When Governor Pete Wilson signed the Brady Jared Teen Driver Safety Act of 1997, the teens protested, but the parents rejoiced. The desired result of the Act was to reduce the number of teen driving accidents in California - statistics prove that 16 year olds are four times more likely to get into a car accident.

The desired result was achieved. Teen accidents went down by 23% according to transportation officials. If other states pick up the California initiative, the number of speeding tickets would decrease significantly. If this Act succeeds in effectively tempering teens and teaching them proper freeway driving, then the freeways would be safer and parents can sleep better at night... without having to crack their knuckles white and turning into insomniacs...
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