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Becoming A Proactive Driver

Proactive drivers are a special breed that take driving to the next level, not just going with the flow, but being diligent and alert while on the road. To be a proactive driver one must be on the defense against anything that will cause an accident whether it is other drivers or adverse conditions on the roadways. They will also be able to handle any situation, should one arise, calmly and effectively because they have the tools and skills necessary.So, how does one become a proactive driver? All it takes is time and knowledge.Defensive driving is a useful skill that is employed by everyone from time to time; however, these cases are often subconscious. You drive at a safe distance from the car ahead of you instead of tailgating in order to allow sufficient time to break should the car ahead brake abruptly. This is an example of defensive driving. The trick is to be aware of such actions and tips and use them in day to day driving. There are several driving schools that will help drivers in using defensive driving techniques to improve their driving skills.Another attribute of being a proactive driver is the car itself. Keeping the car up to date with any scheduled maintenance is a great way to insure its continued performance. Service your car as soon as any problems arise so that further problems can be avoided. Keep gas in the car and never run on Empty as this is a sure fire way to invite trouble. Drivers should know their vehicles so that they can tell when something is wrong. If your car is acting sluggish or is having a hard time starting you may want to take it to the mechanic instead of waiting to see if the problem works itself out, doing this will surely lead to a break down.A proactive driver also has tools and equipment necessary for common roadside emergencies. Jumper cables, a jack, flares, and a spare tire are just some of the equipment that should be in your car at all times. Such items will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself on the side of the road at three in the morning with a flat tire. Of course, it is not simply enough that you have such equipment in your car; you must also know how to use it properly. This is extremely helpful for those that find themselves driving long distances alone. A cell phone is another great tool to have; though you should never talk on the cell phone while driving unless it absolutely can not be avoided. An emergency road kit should have most of the equipment you will need but always remain on the look out for anything else that can be of benefit.Proactive driving is driving with a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a good driver and not just an adequate one. Unlike the stream of cars whose drivers practically go on auto pilot a proactive driver has his or her ears and eyes open and ready for whatever may appear.
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