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Add Performance to Any Diesel

The diesel aftermarket just keeps on evolving. Now you can add a chip to almost any diesel and I'm not talking about the pickup trucks. There are companies out there with diesel performance chips for big diesel pusher RV's, Semi's, and yes, even farm equipment. We're going to talk about some of the main companies developing these products.

The first one is a company called Edge Products. Edge is one of the biggest names in the diesel performance arena for the diesel pickup trucks. Edge makes performance products for all the main diesel pickup trucks, several of the gas trucks, jeep vehicles that are diesel and gas powered as well as the 3126 B & E Caterpillar engines that are in RV's and heavier duty diesel trucks.

Dr. Performance is also a top company in the diesel aftermarket and offers performance chips for all of the same engines as edge and has chips for some of the other larger engines that one would find in Diesel RV's and some semi's and medium duty trucks such as the 8.3L and 8.9L Cummins ISC & ISL engines as well as the DT466 Engine.

TS Performance Carries chips for all the same engines, the place where TS Performance is truly unique is in the fact that they have performance chips for most of the agricultural diesels that you would find on a farm. These agricultural chips give up to a thirty percent power increase and a good increase in fuel economy which is important especially to the farmers that are running their diesel's most of the day. In short the diesel performance aftermarket continues to evolve and more and more people are reaping the benefits of added fuel economy and power.

More and more manufacturers are coming out with diesel including the upcoming Honda Accord diesel, and Nissan Maxima diesel as well as many others. Diesels within a few years will be running cleaner and get better fuel economy than any of their gas powered counterparts.

About The Author TS Performance, Dr Performance and Edge Diesel Performance all create performance chips for many applications- Nathan Young
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