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Acura's Crossover: The RDX

The SUV's popularity is dwindling as more and more of the "big" guys get replaced with smaller versions with more design focus for "on road" driving rather than off road pleasure. The RDX is Acura's take on just what a crossover should offer! It sets a new standard in the industry with the combination of both classy and sporty design elements with high performance capabilities and the luxury features that make it stand out from the rest.

The Acura RDX has an unusually universal appeal. Its high functionality makes it a practical choice. Its sporty look makes it a fun choice. And its luxurious features make it the comfortable choice. It's the first factory Acura to offer a turbocharged engine; it's built for great road performance. You definitely get the look of the SUV with great on road handling; which is the purpose of the Crossover vehicle!

The Acura RDX has been compared to the Honda CR-V. There is almost no mechanical similarity and the RDX offers more luxury features, design and higher levels of performance. The RDX features the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with 240 hp and 260 lb/ft of torque. This crossover is so beautifully engineered that it rides like a sport sedan. It offers a smooth, thrilling ride and has been known to hit 60 mph from 0 in approximately 6 seconds.

The Acura RDX comes standard as a five-speed automatic transmission (with paddle shifters) and is equipped with Acura's advanced Super Handling All Wheel Drive system. This innovative technology continuously varies power among all four wheels to enhance handling and aid in wet-weather traction. To learn more about the RDX's Super Handling All Wheel Drive, visit

The Acura RDX also took advantage of the latest technology when it comes to safety features. Acura's RDX includes: surrounding airbags, anti lock brake system and electronic brake distribution, vehicle stability assist & advanced compatibility engineering. The thorough safety design is another reason why the Acura RDX is so popular. The mid to older generation is very comfortable with the safety ratings of the vehicle making it the choice for another segment of the crossover market.

Acura also took advantage of a few technological advances for the RDX design not directly related to safety! Drivers will find they appreciate the full display navigation w/real time traffic, voice recognition and Bluetooth. Everyone in the vehicle will appreciate the surround sound, personalized settings, and dual-zone/GPS link temperature controls as well as power windows, locks and moon roof. And that's not even a complete list of the luxury and comfort design features included in the RDX!

There will continue to be comparisons made to Acura's RDX, but the competition will continue to fall far short of the high levels RDX has set for crossovers! With better handling, a sportier look, and more luxury features...the RDX really has it all.
About The Author Aidan Busbee, Acura specialist, knows cars...especially the Acura RDX. History and personal experience point towards Acura of Tempe as the dealership that boasts inventory and exclusive specials buyers need.
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