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Acura Opens New Design Studio

Finally the new $15 million Acura Design Studio has officially opened its doors. And according to Acura the producer of top-of-the-line Acura oxygen sensor the new Design Studio will assume an important role in the development of new concepts and designs for future Acura products. The new studio is equipped with the latest design technologies and a work layout that focuses on improving collaboration. This new design studio will also represent the next step in the advancement of the Acura brand.

The studio is design to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and expected to become a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building by the US Green Building Council or USGBC. There were various measures adopted for the design and construction of the studio with the aim of achieving LEED gold certification.

There were already a couple of Acura models which include the Acura MDX luxury sport utility vehicle and Acura TL luxury performance sedan that have been designed, engineered, and developed by the HRA. Transferring Acura design activities into a state-of-the-art independent studio gives it a more defined focus that distinctly characterized the Acura brand.

The key technologies in the Acura Design Studio include a computer generated virtual simulator that allows design stylists to showcase virtual vehicles in a one-to0one ratio. The other features in the facility design includes the parallel arrangement of the interior and the exterior design areas on the styling floor which enable designers to better collaborate with each other in producing a new vehicle.

With the latest expansion of the HRA product design and development capabilities in North America, the Acura Design Studio together with Honda Design Studio in Torrance, California and the Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, California further broaden the existing HRA's in Los Angeles Center for research and design.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Acura Design Studio last march 27, 2006. At the same time it marked the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Acura brand. Acura was the first Japanese luxury nameplate and very first Japanese luxury automaker to develop, designs, and manufacture vehicles in North America. Likewise, almost two-thirds of the all Acura vehicles are sold in America are developed, designed, researched, and assembled exclusively in North America.

In an effort to achieve a Gold rating by the USGBC, the Acura Design Studio has included many energy-saving attributes like for example the Energy Star reflective roof to reduce heat gain and lower air conditioning requirements, reclaimed water used for landscaping, and an intelligent lightning system that makes greater use of natural light. Honda has other LEED gold certified facilities found in Gresham, Oregon, and Raymond, Ohio.

The HRA has started its operations in California way back 1976 with local market research activities and from then on has steadily grown its capabilities for over the past 30 years of which include all aspects of new vehicle design and development.

And with the addition of the Acura Design Studio, the company will now operates 13 major R&D facilities in North America with more than 1,200 designers, support personnel, and engineers that are engaged in the development of automobiles, power equipment, and motorcycles products not only for North American market but also for distribution worldwide.

About The Author Zeke Gervis has a degree in Human Resource Management. He is an F1 fanatic and is a collector of racing memorabilias. At present, he enjoys working at a consulting firm in Iowa.
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