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A Toyota Engine From Abroad

Need a replacement engine for your ride?

If your car has broken down and needs more than a little care, if your head or cylinder is shot, requiring extensive engine work, you can probably take advantage of an international imbalance in how cars are bought and sold to get a great low-mileage replacement engine for your vehicle.

When buying a used engine for a Toyota or other Japanese car, it?s helpful to know about how used engine models get imported from Japan to the U.S.

A number of factors lead to an influx of low-mileage used engine shipments from Japan.

First, there?s the multitude of obstacles facing Japanese drivers. In Japan, motorists often have to pay high costs for urban parking. The standards for getting a vehicle on the road and keeping it there are intense.

In some cases, a Japanese car must have a used engine retired at the end of a specific number of years. In other cases, body damage or slight engine wear leads to the shelving of a vehicle with a well-running, low-mileage used engine.

All of this contributes to a favorable equation for any U.S. driver with a Toyota Camry, Corolla or other model. Owners of a Toyota or Japanese car that has stalled out permanently due to a faulty engine can choose from a variety of distributors who will sell short or long engine blocks used for getting cars back on the road at the least expense to the owner.

Some domestic shops will sell remanufactured engines that are checked for compliance with industry standards. This can be helpful, since used engine models often sit idle for months before being installed. Also, although Japanese emissions standards are generally tougher than those in the U.S., there are some incongruent standards, and that means some engines coming from Japan may need to be retro-fitted with smog compliant gear.

When buying a used engine or a remanufactured engine, there are some odds and ends to take care of. Make sure you know what parts of the engine ship with your purchase and whether manifolds, pans, etc. are included. You?ll want to find out what kinds of tests have been done to ensure the engine is in good shape. For instance, shops generally run compression tests to see if the engine pressure is adequate.

Some shops sell used engines ?as-is?, but many offer some guarantees of satisfaction. Know what kind of purchase you?re making before the transaction is done.

You?ll also want to arrange for shipping the block directly to the shop where it will be installed.

When all of these aspects are taken into account, you may find that buying a used engine is a great solution for resurrecting your ride and getting back in the driver?s seat.
About The Author Brian Hanson: Owner of, the online resource for new, used and refurbished engines, as well as used transmissions and used fuel injectors.
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