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A Basic Guide for Installing and Maintaining Car Speakers

Installation forms the most important part of the car speakers. Various cars have various specifications as per the sound set up and installation process. This small crash course on the step by step procedure will act as a basic car speakers guide for you. The first thing you should do before starting installation is to become acquainted with a few essential tools like screwdrivers.

You should know that each vehicle has its own specifications related to the installation issues, which vary with factory speaker location, the depth and height for mounting. Another factor to be taken into consideration is the car factory wiring. However, the most important thing required is your time and effort.

For installing car speakers, you need a few varieties of screwdrivers along with torx drivers and drill bits. Don't miss out on the socket wrench set along with the wire cutter and stripper tool. You may even require soldering iron and solder crimping tools as well as connectors along with panel removal tools and a clip remover.

However, if a clip remover is not available you can always opt for a screwdriver covered with a shop rag. You may also require a file, electrical tape and a knife. You will be required to use the wiring harness to attach the new speaker, or solder or crimp the connections, as the installation may require.

A complete component speaker system includes separate woofers, tweeters and crossovers that provide a surround sound while in the car.

A few things that you should remember, and that will help you in the long run are -

Each and every vehicle is different, so you may have to deal with them differently. The first basic step lies in identifying your vehicle. Once you have grown comfortable with your car, identify the location where you want to mount your speakers. Once you have selected the location, choose the size. Choose a speaker that comfortably fits in your car.

Make use of the factory grills and brackets while fitting in your speaker. Speakers labeled E Z will fit in the factory speaker openings. Try to use the magnet to fit the available space and do not allow the tweeters to interfere with the grills.

The speakers labeled P fit with the help of mounting brackets, which come free with the purchase of the speakers. If that does not help, you can go ahead and do a few alterations like cutting a new screw hole, cutting the required area of the pressboard or the metal to make room for mounting the speakers that are larger than the factory speakers.

In a setting of component speakers, the component woofers can be installed in the location where the factory speakers were located. If you have a set of tweeters too; you may have to think of a place where you can install them. The tweeters require custom installation. Thus to do that, it involves drilling holes either in the door panels or on the dashboard. If it is an area like the dashboard, use your tools carefully to avoid scratches on the surface.

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