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What Makes Up A Car Warranty Transfer

Purchasing a new or used car is a very important decision in everyone's life. A vehicle is a major purchase and the means for getting back and forth to work, buying groceries, seeing family members and other things that require transportation. Part of purchasing a vehicle is to make sure that there is ample car warranty coverage on the auto. A car warranty transfer is one option for obtaining this type of coverage on the car.

Manufacturer Car Warranty Transfer

Some dealership and manufacturer warranties are non-transferable. This means that when you trade the car in for a new car that any time or mileage left on the warranty cannot be used for re-sale of the auto. When your dealer or sales person goes over your warranty information with you be certain to ask about the car warranty transfer. If the warranty is non-transferable and you are planning on turning the car in later for re-sale, you might want to go with an auto warranty broker.

The majority of dealerships will not allow you to bring a car and then transfer your auto warranty coverage from one vehicle to the next. The dealerships that can accept the current auto warranty and pass it onto the next buyer will often give you a trade in value for the coverage but will not let you just switch the policy over to the car you will be purchasing from them next.

Used Car Warranty Transfer

Often times a used car warranty transfer is not possible. The warranty will be written in such a way that when ownership of the auto is transferred to a new owner that the warranty becomes invalid. Again it is important to read the fine print to make certain that this is not the case for your car warranty.

Extended Car Warranty Transfer

Extended car warranty transfers that are bought from the dealership are often transferrable when the car ownership changes. This applies to extended warranty coverage for both years and mileage.

Auto Warranty Brokers and Car Warranty Transfer

One of the special hooks that many auto warranty brokers use to secure clients is the car warranty transfer option with their warranty plans. Many of these reputable companies will allow you to transfer your current policy for one auto to a different auto that you purchase. This of course is based on the age of the vehicle being purchased, type of vehicle and the current mileage on the next auto. You can find out more about car warranty types at

It is best to ask the sales representatives if you change vehicles if there is car warranty transfer when you are selecting an auto warranty broker and doing comparison shopping. This is especially true if you are planning to trade in a car and purchase a different one in one to three years after the initial car purchase. You do not want to be stuck paying monthly for coverage that you are not going to need later down the road or that you cannot transfer to the next auto in the near future. The majority of auto brokers have you make monthly payments and that money will be tossed down the drain if you cannot do a car warranty transfer.

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