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For most UK car owners, there is little doubt that the chosen method of purchasing vehicle warranty will generally involve a visit to a car dealership, or similar car retailer.

The reasons for using car retailers are numerous, frequently including the relative ease involved in visiting a local dealership.

Few people pause to consider whether such car retailers are likely to offer the best warranty deals. Indeed, it's clear that many consumers are unaware that there are a wide range of other options available.

Why is it that the UK car warranty market is so dominated by car retailers?

One reason is that dealerships, car supermarkets and other such car retailers tend to have a high profile. They spend a lot of money on advertising their presence.

In many respects, these retailers have left independent car warranty specialists floundering. Warranty specialists have generally found it more difficult to get in touch with members of the public.

This situation has meant that car warranty companies have allowed car retailers to market policies on their behalf. In effect, many car retailers are acting as middlemen.

The effects of this on consumers are clear. As a result of the middlemen, many of us will end up paying more for our car warranty policies.

A change is gradually occurring, with car warranty companies looking to change the way in which they sell their products.

By attempting to encourage car owners to take a look at the possibility of purchasing a car warranty online, they believe that they can lower costs.

The implications for consumers are clear. If you're looking for the best car warranty deals then you'll need to consider the options available online.

By doing so, you could save up to 50% on your next car warranty policy.

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