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Car Warranties

Car warranty is an issue that causes quite a bit of confusion and frustration. There are a number of problems that seem to crop up quite regularly.
Car warranty: what should you expect?
You need to be careful when you come to purchase a policy, as the cover on offer can vary considerably from one provider to the next. What seems like a great price deal may actually be a policy that d...
Benefits Of An Extended Auto Warranty And Determining If This Is Right For You
When you purchase a car you will be offered various options to purchase alongside of it and one such option is that of an extended auto warranty.  When considering whether to get this type of warrant...
Is your car warranty costing too much?
One key reason that many end up paying more than they need to is because they purchase policies from local car retailers. Car dealerships and other such retailers do a good job of selling vehicles, bu...
Car Warranty Tips
There are numerous car warranty policies available in the UK and they tend to vary considerably in terms of price and quality. Here are some excellent tips to help you find the right policy:1. Don't ...
Are your warranty costs too high?
The appearance of so many independent warranty specialists online means that we have a massive choice of policies, with a varying range of prices. Many companies that are selling online have been in t...
What Makes Up A Car Warranty Transfer
Purchasing a new or used car is a very important decision in everyone's life. A vehicle is a major purchase and the means for getting back and forth to work, buying groceries, seeing family members a...
Getting more warranty for less
A large number of car owners seem to see warranty policies as something that are simply renewed each year. They are often bought from car dealerships or other such retailers, with seemingly little tho...
UK Car Warranties
The basic principle behind car warranties is a sound one. The idea is that you pay a flat fee and in return you receive cover in case your vehicle runs into problems.Given that it all sounds so simple...
Finding the Right Car Warranty Policy
Large car retailers and dealerships often charge a significantly higher price than independent car warranty companies. The reason that they do this is to try and make up for the fact that they are oft...
Common car warranty mistakes
Being aware of the typical mistakes that individuals make when buying car warranties is a good start if you want to avoid falling into the same traps. The first mistake that most people make is to fai...
Comprehensive Car Warranties
On the face of it, you would think that buying car warranty should be a simple task. After all, most car warranties should offer a similar standard of cover, or so you would think. The reality is some...
Cheaper car warranty online
The internet has transformed many areas of our lives, with more and more of us using it as a tool for research and as a means of making savings when we buy products and services.Many people use the in...
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